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Monday Wake Up Call

Grand Theft Auto IV iCEnhancer Mod


These are the latest images for the iCEhancer Graphics Mod used for GTA IV. I know this type of mod would most likely kill my Nvidia 560, revive it and kill it again, but with the latest Rockstar sale on Steam its pretty tempting see it run, if only for a few minutes.

While I cry and slobber over those beautiful images, for those who can, get this mod, the images alone justify the need for it.

River City Ransom Seque


Combit Studios has announced that they will be creating a Spiritual Successor of River City Ransom. They have obtained the license to create the “sequel” by Million Inc. (developers of River City Ransom EX).

Currently game development funding is being crowdsourced, Combit Studios have stated the release date will be August 2014.


Beyond Two Souls Gameplay



From the few minutes I have seen, it looks impressive. I refrained from watching the whole 35 minutes as to not spoil the experience when I purchase the retail game.

However, for those that are not moved by this notion, enjoy the tear inducing beauty that is Beyond Two Souls.


Super Mario Crossover



Universes collide in the latest trailer for the fan created Super Mario crossover game. The game will include some recognizable Nintendo characters such as; Megaman, Samus, Link and Alex to name a few.

The game looks like fun and I’m guessing Nintendo will be keeping a lookout. Comments regarding lawsuits are already going strong.

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