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Monday Wake Up Call

Muramasa: Rebirth Translation


When Muramasa was released on the Wii, the english translation was bland and unimaginably straightforward.

With the re-release on the PSVita, it will not only have Hi-Res Graphics, new characters and custom control schemes, it will also have better translation.

In the link you can see the comparisons done between the Wii and Vita. Way to go Aksys.


Fatal Frame coming to PSN:


A unique horror classic Fatal Frame is coming to PSN. So be prepared to freak out behind a camera lens and hoping Miku could move around just a bit faster.

No mention of an HD release on the Playstation BlogCast, so be aware before purchasing it. Still an awesome game!

Other games are: Guacamelee, Tom Clancy’s Hawx, Anarchy Reigns, John Daly's Pro Strike Golf, XCOM


Darkstalkers Resurrection Update


Darkstalkers Resurrection will have an update that will introduce “Fight Request”. This will allow players to fight offline while waiting on a match online.

The patch will be released April 12th. You can see the full list of fixes here.




I bought this game because I found the fact that the main focus of this game is the evolution of RPG game mechanics.

I have to say, this game is great and worth the $8 on steam or If you want to feel nostalgia, I suggest getting this game and realise where RPG games came from and where its going.


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