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To add my sort-of two cents to the violent videogames argument (which I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in, but no matter) and also because I am immensely paranoid I’m here to present you with real facts that I will then proceed to twist in order to present you with a conspiracy theory which is possibly not that farfetched, but is probably quite silly. Let’s begin our wild ride into insanity:

  paranoid panda.gif

Paranoid Panda aka Me.

The terrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School has created several variables that need to be analysed in order to give credence to our conspiracy theory:

Variable 1:

The proposed institution of two new bills to American law that would impose restrictions on the sale of video games: specifically so-called “violent” ones.

Dianne Franklin, a Republican from the Missouri House of Representatives is looking to amend current Missouri tax law in a way that will allow a 1% tax to be attached to the price of all violent video games. The proceeds of this 1% tax would then be used to fund “treatment of mental health conditions associated with exposure to violent video games.”

(The silly thing about this bill is that it defines violent videogames as any game that the American Entertainment Software Ratings Board rates as “Teen”, “Mature” and “Adults Only”. states that this

…includes bloody games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, but also games like Zumba Fitness 2, We Sing 80s and Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It.

Anyway, enough digression).

The second bill is being proposed by Democratic Representative Jim Matheson, who is looking to make it illegal to sell or rent Mature and Adults Only rated games to consumers under the ages of 17 and 18.

Variable 2:

The very mysterious de ath of FPSRussia producer Keith Ratliff (shown below).


FPSRussia is the 3rd most-watched series on Youtube, which shows you how to use enormous guns and shoot everything. They were also active promoters of the games Black Ops 2 and Far Cry 3. I say were because they haven’t produced a single episode since Ratliff was found murdered execution-style, with a bullet in the back of his head.

Ratliff was in possession of a Federal Firearms License, which allowed him to “…manufacture firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, destructive devices, ammunition for destructive devices, and armor piercing ammunition.” Meaning that basically, he had a licence to be an Arms Dealer (nobody knows whether he actually was one or not, but I’m just making a point). He was also actively against the proposed institution of stricter gun control policies, which as you can see, make up the third variable for your consideration.

Variable 3:

American President Barack Obama’s proposed institution of more stringent Gun Control policies.

Now how do we combine those into something very silly and paranoid like many Militant NRA-types are bound to do?


Pretty much like this:

Video games provide training for our children in that they desensitise them to violence and the use of weaponry, which is very necessary for the final battle when we will have to fight the New World Order.


It’s clear from the bills that those Representatives wish to have instituted into American law that they wish to take away our children’s right to learn how to kill people. President Obama, the Republicans and the Democrats are clearly working together to keep the population unarmed, untrained and helpless in the face of our Shape-shifting Reptilian Overlords who have come to our dimension to eat our babies and steal our gold.


An actual photo of Queen Elizabeth II (She's one of them if you were wondering).

The murder of Keith Ratliff serves as a warning to all pro-gun activists that that sort of thing will not be tolerated.

The final question we need to ask is: Is any of this actually happening?

Imho, probably not. But it does sound cool. And it was more fun to write about than RL stuff.

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