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The times you thought: "**** this game"

Let's get the awkward confession part out of the way first: I'm a casual gamer. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. The reason I mention this is because due to the non-srs nature of my gaming habits, when I think "**** this game", you must know that I mean "****. This. Game."

Incident 1: Justice League Heroes


The most traumatic instance of this occurred during my brief love affair with the Playstation 2 (I can feel my jaw starting to clench as I write this) and involved a little game called "Justice League Heroes." I realise as games go it was pretty awful and I probably shouldn't have bothered with it in the first place, but it is what it is.


This is how it happened:

After spending an entire day and most of an evening playing the game and levelling up the very average characters and such, me and the co-gamer are about to battle Darkseid, the final boss. But guess what? We didn't choose the right combination of heroes to beat him with. And guess what else? The completely-sadistic-designed-by-a-demon-from-hell autosave feature wouldn't allow us to go back and change who we had paired together. The result:

We couldn't complete one of the Worst. Games. Ever.

How to describe that feel of...


Swiftly followed by...


That's 7 hours of my life I'll never get back.

Incident 2: Call of Duty 4 / Veteran/ Mile High Club


How did I hate this? Let me count the ways.

Firstly, there's the fact that you are supposed to clear an aeroplane full to brimming with enemy terrorists who have the most unreasonable aiming skills I've ever seen.

Secondly, there's the fact that you have to do this in 1 minute.

Thirdly, look at the complexity of the walkthrough that will allow you to complete this level.


This was one of those times where I realised that really, I just don't need to be that good at XBox. Why would I want to be? It's not that I let the game beat me, I chose to quit. And I don't even care because I am going to be a princess when I grow up.

Incident 3: The Ending of Fable 2 [SPOILER ALERT]

(Not that there's much to spoil I suppose, but for what it's worth.)

The first RPG I ever played. I had a pet dog.  Plus, I am totally obsessive and anal about quest completion. I honestly didn't think there was a game that was more exciting.

And then the Universe said "SOZ,LOL."

I fought my way through the entire game, did all the stuff. I made it to the final boss. Epic fight time?


Chop the main boss twice with my sword, he falls of a cliff, now I can choose to save my dog, get money or something else I can't remember as my life choice (I saved the dog). End Credits.

**** this game.

Let me know what your most frustrating gaming moment is.

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