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Gamer 'Boys Toys' we want for Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of year and there are still lots of fun things to find under the tree. Here's a selection of some of the coolest toys for boy gamers this festive season:

1. What the well-dressed Darth is wearing

starwars flashlightjpg.jpg darthvader helmetjpg.jpg

darthvader slippersjpg.jpg darthvader usb hubjpg.jpg

Let’s face it. Some days you just feel like being a Sith Overlord. So after a hard day of work  killing people put down your Darth Vader lightsaber/flashlight, take off that heavy Darth Vader helmet, put your feet into your soft and cuddly Darth Vader slippers and nom a couple of Darth Vader cupcakes baked in your Darth Vader cupcake tray while you enjoy the multitude of USB ports offered by your Darth Vader USB Hub.

2. World of Warcraft Monopoly


I hate Monopoly so much. The only way the game ever ends is when you kick the board across the floor because ZOMG it’s SO BORING. Does adding a World of Warcraft theme to the game make it any more interesting? The answer is a resounding...maybe.

3. A T-shirt that says “meh”


The perfect shirt for when you are too apathetic to actually make a noise indicative of said apathy. The most ergonomic way of showing people that you just don’t care without the waving your hands in the air part.

4. A Portal 2 USB turret for desk-related security purposes


Ok, so it doesn’t actually shoot at anyone, but it does have a motion sensor and will yell and flap its wings when it detects nearby movement. Protect yourself from those stapler-stealing toolbags at the office.

 5. A Knight’s helmet knitted beanie


Why do you need this? Only because wearing armour is freaking cool.  This beanie is rather nifty and pizzazz-filled in that the button-on visor can be detached or pulled down over your mouth either to keep your face warm or provide a disguise for when you mug people.

6. Electroluminescent electricMVMT Hoodies


Because Tron. That is all.

7. Inflatable robot fists


You might be a snappy dresser, but really, these enormous robot fists can only make that awesome outfit even more awesome. You can’t really do anything with them other than punch people, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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