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Super Monday Night Combat is coming...

Not having played the original Monday Night combat in a while, I didn't pick up on this until it was decided that myself and "da Hashman" would spend a bit of time during our lunchbreak to have a couple of rounds in Monday Night Combat, and I discovered an interesting little tidbit: Uber Entertainment is releasing Super Monday Night Combat!

Drawing on elements of the original and expanding the game further to make this closer to a DoTA-themed third-person shooter, this ought to become a hit with the original players and new alike. Amongst other things, teams will be reduced to 5v5, more Pro's will be added, new maps themed appropriately to look DoTA-ish, while still retaining the classics' core gameplay mechanics of shepherding your teams' robots to destroy the opponents base.  Upgrades in the game will make more of a difference than before, characters and weapons can be customised, more tactical gameplay, less damage taken, but also slower to heal naturally. More info is available on  Uber Entertainments' forums.

The best news regarding this: Free to play! While there are plenty of titles coming out over the coming weeks and months, I'll be looking forward to this little gem!

Oh, and if you can't wait for the new one, you can pick up the original Monday Night Combat for USD14.99 on Steam for PC or 1200 MSP on Xbox360. That works out to  roughly 4-5 fuzzy pink drinks at most watering holes.

Oh AND!!! Gamezone has servers in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, ready and waiting! "da Hashman" and myself need some more humies to beat up, shoot up and blow up!

Original article over at Kotaku

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