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Lola’s favourite finds: The Walking Dead fan art

Last week I did my review, “The Walking Dead Episodes3/4: A fate worse than death”, for my header image I used a fantastic drawing of Molly by Odobenus. It took me a while to find and credit the artist; I therefore decided to dedicate this week’s favourite finds to fan art of The Walking Dead (TWD). I want to thank each artist for the incredible beauty and passion displayed in their work. The Walking Dead is a series deserving the flood of attention it has received from fans all over the world.

“Molly” by Odobenus

  Molly fan art.jpg

Of all the fan art, this is my personal favourite; it features Molly, a fascinating character we meet in Episode 4. She resembles bravery, survival and courage in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. I used this as the header image for my review (with a few adjustments done by Stephanie Duchenne), many thanks to its creator for an exquisite piece of art.

“Drowned In Sorrow” by Amalie Markota


The sadness reflected in this piece beautifully captures the ongoing theme of loss you experience while playing through The Walking Dead. I’ve read countless tweets of gamers pouring their hearts out about the loss of a fellow survivor. The Walking Dead is more than entertainment, it is a journey.

“PaybackTime” by Odobenus


This is another work of art by the talented Odobenus. I chose this piece because it captures the brutality, violence and anger the game forces the characters to experience. There is nothing you won’t do in order to protect Clementine.

“Wish” by Pehesse


The Walking Dead has sparked the interest of the gaming community in a way that I’ve not experienced with other games. This piece from Pehesse depicts an alternate storyline that could emerge from the series. In his own words:

“A few years later…Before disappearing, Lee had handed Clementine to Molly's care, entrusting her with the child's safety. And thus, the child has grown. It seems like forever since the outbreak now. Walkers are no more, but society didn't survive the fall. Those left standing are often lone survivors, sometimes groups fighting for the remaining scraps of life. Amidst all this, tales of the rising of another city give hope. A city supposedly led by a man some called a father, some a teacher, some others a murderer. They all call him the Undead now, and he has called for Clementine.

Who's up to make that game? I know I'd play it. I'll even help make it if that's what it takes :-D"

A Walking Dead collage by Brett Munro


A beautifully drawn collage of heartfelt moments from the series. With The Walking Dead you are taken on a journey of love, despair, hope, courage, betrayal – that you can experience so much through the medium of a video game is simply brilliant.

Thank you TellTale for giving us a game that will linger in our hearts long after we’ve played it.

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