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Port-a-Fortress is the latest item coming to Fortnite


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With the eventful Season 5 coming to an end and the recent content drop featuring the Grappling Hook and more, Epic Games still has some tricks up their sleeve for Fortnite Battle Royale as we will soon head into Season 6. The developer is teasing a new item, called Port-a-Fortress, not to be mistaken with Port-a-Fort. Port-a-Fortress is being teased in the game right now and the item’s description reads:

Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defence to new heights”.

This new Legendary grenade not only spawns a single tower like the Port-a-Fort but instead an entire base, which sounds pretty epic if you ask me.  At the time of writing the Port-a-Fortress Legendary grenade does not have an official release date but it is strongly suspected that it will arrive with update 5.5 before the end of Season 6.

Judging by the image from the game’s news feed below, the item should allow you to spawn a 3x3 fort and you can see the possible shape of the fort from the image as well. It is definitely a big upgrade from the 1x1 tower that spawned from the Port-a-Fort if this turns out to be the case and should be able to provide some great cover for players or even entire teams fighting for that elusive win.  

port-a-fortress news.jpg

It remains to be seen exactly what the Port-a-Fortress building will look like but it is pretty great that Epic Games keeps dropping content for Fortnite so often. It will be exciting to see how players use this and what type of impact this will have on the game.

Are you excited for the release of Port-a-Fortress and what did you think about the original Port-a-Fort and its effectiveness in matches? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Fortnite Intel

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