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Battlefield V: All the ''high-level'' issues DICE is currently addressing

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Earlier this week, we talked about how DICE is planning to change Battlefield V based on player feedback from the recent open beta. One of the changes includes dialing down the more "crazy" customizations in The Company. Yesterday, DICE also released the first official blog post detailing all the "high-level" issues they are currently addressing.

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If you played the open beta, then you know that one of the major issues was the squad features. Most of the time you couldn't even join as a squad, so this is number one on DICE's list - squad play and matchmaking.

For me, the biggest problem was soldier visibility, especially on Arctic Fjord with its snow-filled landscape. This issue came over from both the first and second alphas, so it is very concerning that DICE hasn't been able to fix it before the open beta. Be that as it may, the second item on their list is improving visibility to let you see enemies better.

The third item is the bleed out mechanic that DICE is looking to make a bit shorter. Another big issue many players complained about was vehicles, specifically aircraft. DICE didn't mention any details about planes, but I believe it does fall under this category. DICE is working on improving vehicle movement, all weaponry on tanks, the damage state of vehicles when under fire, and many other tweaks.

We already know about the changes coming to The Company, DICE only stated that they are "working on making the user journey one that’s smooth and personal."

I felt that DICE hasn't yet nailed both the Time To Kill (TTK) and Time To Death (TTD) mechanics, and it is also listed again as something they're tweaking to ensure "fun and fair" gameplay.

Lastly, they are changing the stupid chat filter; DICE didn't detail the changes, but we know from Twitter communication that the "White Man" and "DLC" words are under fire.

DICE will discuss all the upcoming Battlefield V improvements in their next dev talks video. In case you missed it, here is the first one.

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