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EA reportedly under criminal investigation due to loot boxes


The loot box debacle was brought to the spotlight with EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II and in April this year, the Belgian Gaming Commission declared loot boxes to be illegal and wanted them removed from certain games, looking at Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront 2, CS: GO and FIFA specifically.

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Big publishers such as Blizzard, 2K Games and even Valve respected this ruling and removed loot boxes for Belgium players, but the mega-publisher EA seems to still be holding out and wants to keep FIFA loot boxes in play, even for Belgium gamers. These cards packs for the Ultimate Team section of FIFA titles are causing a lot of issues and back in April this year, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, said that he didn’t agree that card packs could “be considered as any form of gambling.”

Now, EA seems to be in hot water due to their failure to comply with the ruling, as the Belgian government has reportedly launched a criminal investigation into EA. This comes from a report by Eurogamer and multiple others, as translated from the Belgium publication, Metro. Even though other big publishers did take action to comply with the ruling from the Belgium Gaming Commission, EA has done nothing.

This inaction is now resulting in a criminal investigation by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office and if this office decides to prosecute, the case will be taken to court. No matter how big a publisher is, they should still respect the laws of a country and hopefully, EA will just do the right thing and comply instead of fighting this even further. It’s one country and really shouldn’t put too much of a dent in their profit margins from loot boxes, should it?

What do you think about this latest twist in the loot box debacle? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Eurogamer, Belgium Metro

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