Microsoft says they do not need Crackdown 3 as they have ''more than enough content this holiday season''

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Don't you just love it when big businessmen put words together without thinking? Microsoft seems to do it quite often and the latest statement has us all wondering what they are talking about. We know Crackdown 3 was delayed into 2019 which is not a train smash as it needs more work but if Microsoft needed a game to take them through the holiday season, gaming's biggest month, then it would have been better to have it release before that. 

Speaking to, Aaron Greenberg is happy with the current state of Xbox One exclusive games saying that "We’re going to get Forza Horizon 4 out. We didn’t need Crackdown or any of our titles in this holiday window. We’re planning to launch that in February, and then after that, we will launch Ori and the Will of the Wisps. We like to have a steady cadence of content throughout the year. But there is more than enough content this holiday. That’s why we’re working with so many third-party partners to showcase their games and help drive our platform during that window."

So Microsoft's stance on the holiday period is that there are third-party games to buy that are releasing on every platform. Perhaps they are hoping people buy Xbox One consoles to play these said third-party games on. I would have preferred a cool Xbox One exclusive to play this December as it would take me away from my PS4 for a while but guess Spider-Man's upcoming DLC will have to do. 

Microsoft has heavy plans to push their new subscription-based services this December such as Xbox Game Pass and the new Xbox All Access subscription model where you pay a set amount per month and get a console, Xbox Gold and Game Pass for a 24-month repayment period. Microsoft believes that giving someone an Xbox Game Pass subscription for Christmas could be the "best holiday gift". 

Do you think Microsoft has a bright holiday period ahead? Let us know in the comments below. 

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