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Batman Arkham developer, Rocksteady hiring for ''highly-anticipated AAA'' next-gen game

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It has been a couple of years since we last saw something come out of Rocksteady Studios. The developer last released Batman Arkham Knight in 2015 and it was a hit and although the PC version was a hot mess, the game is still one of my most-loved games of this generation. We have not seen or heard anything from them since. A new job posting online could point to something new up their sleeves as the Arkham series developer seems to be hiring from a new "highly-anticipated AAA" game.

It seems to be quite a heavy project as the job site has listed a whole 24 new positions for the same title. These job listings range from artists to community managers to even renderers and programmers. The job listings require applicants to have a background in media including games and comics. One of the most interesting things about these listings is that Rocksteady already has some high hopes for the game. The listing reads;

Rocksteady Studios is looking to add to its family of permanent staff. We are looking for an exceptionally talented Lead Animator who is ready for the challenge of leading a team of world-class Gameplay Animators towards our next 90+ Metacritic title while enforcing and informing the Animation Director’s vision of the project, holding reviews and providing feedback to the team, leading-by-example, and pushing the boundaries of animation in video games.

Clearly, that "90+ Metacritic" title is going to be something phenomenal and while we have no idea what it is, Rocksteady has never let us down when it comes to games. Even the broken PC version of Arkham Knight was outsourced so technically it was not their fault. Back in February 2017, details of a new Batman game were reportedly leaked but it was being developed by the Batman Arkham Origins team, Warner Bros Montreal. These new job listings could be for something completely new. 

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