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Rockstar reveals more Red Dead Redemption 2 plot details and characters

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the the prequel to the first game (set 12 years before the first game) and follows the story of the Van Der Linde gang led by Dutch Van Der Linde. John Marston, the protagonist of the previous game was a former member of the gang.

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In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rockstar Art Directors Joshua Bass and Aaron Garbut revealed a few more details about Red Dead 2's main plot. Rockstar has also revealed the some of the cast members of the van der Linden gang with new artwork, a short description, and a slogan for each character.

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"Red Dead Redemption 2 is our first game for the latest generation of hardware, and was an opportunity for our teams to upgrade every single aspect of our approach to game design at once from graphics and lighting to AI, to weather, sound and score, facial and body animation and more," announces Rockstar on Twitter. "We have used that power to create a world that goes far beyond anything we have ever done in terms of depth, interactivity and persistence."

There are a lot of strong female leads in Red Dead Redemption 2, and of course, there have also been some complaints about women not fighting in the Wild West.

"Well call me uneducated but I don't think women fought in the wild west," states one such complain on Twitter, to which Rockstar simply replied, "Women have always fought. No matter the time period."

Moving to these female characters that form part of the van der Linde gang. There is Abigail Roberts, the wife of John Marston. Karen Jones the gang's scam artist. Sadie Adler who is on a path of revenge, and Tilly Jackson, an outlaw from the age of 12, while Molly O' Shea is Dutch's love interest. Susan Grimshaw manages the gang's affairs, and Abigail Roberts, who was an orphan that found a family in the gang.

Some of the male members include Dutch, the leader, Bill Williamson, a former soldier who was dishonourably discharged. Hosea Matthews, a master con artist. John Marston (protagonist from RDR), who joined the gang at age 12. Leopold Strauss, the accountant, and Micah Bell, a hardened criminal and hitman. Javier Escuella is a bounty hunter and Mexican revolutionary. There's also young Jack, the son of Abigail. Pearson is the camp's cook, while Charles Smith is the most recent member of the gang. Lastly, there is Uncle, who is just everyone's good guy and the entertainer of the group. Useless though at anything else.

Red Dead Redemption 2 focuses on the story of Arthur Morgan, who is van der Linde's enforcer. He is the man that gets the job done, and he is fiercely loyal to the gang as it is the only home he has ever known.

Adopted into the gang by Dutch when he was a young boy, Arthur considers the gang to be his family — Dutch has given his life some much‐needed purpose, and the gang has served as the one positive and constant in Arthur’s life," explains Bass. "Things are changing — there’s not much room in a rapidly modernizing world for the gang’s way of life. Through Arthur’s eyes, you see events begin to take a toll on the gang as they are forced to flee across America, while at the same time, Dutch’s hold on the gang begins to slip."

van der Linde gang.jpg

With Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar wants to showcase the diversity of life in America's Wild West of 1899. It's also a time when America turns to modernization and the way of the outlaw is starting to become something of the past. This is the perfect setting for conflict as these two ways of life crash, with Dutch's gang right in the centre of it all.

Playing as a character of this gang, we will get a good sense of the camaraderie, and finer intricacies as you'll be able to interact and develop relationships with each member.

"Sticking with a single character felt more appropriate for the structure and narrative of a Western. Arthur lives with and fights alongside the other members of the Van der Linde gang, and they are a group of fully realized characters with relationships to each other and to Arthur, but this is Arthur’s story and we are placing players firmly in Arthur’s boots as he and the gang deal with a rapidly changing world," continues Bass. "We think people will really love the feeling of being in the gang. It isn’t like anything we’ve done before."

According to Garbutt, it is "the sense of life" that sets Red Dead Redemption 2 apart from anything the studio has done so far, and this says a lot, given the success of Grand Theft Auto V that is still breaking records years after release.

When you visit towns in Red Dead 2, you'll see a level of life that is unprecedented. Each town will hold a few mysteries for players to discover, and you'll never know what waits behind the door you'll open next. The world will constantly react to your choices, and thereby creating a level of immersion that will make the player feel less like they are playing a video game, and more like they are visiting a place.

When you first enter a town and you see the townspeople going about their business, building houses, selling papers, hanging out, you can instantly tell that we’ve never experienced this detail in an open world game before.," continues Garbutt "Where you see a shack on a hill and you know there is something interesting for you there, maybe you will break in and stumble onto a mystery, or meet the owner and end up getting tangled in something. I think that’s when you can tell that it's new territory when you are not even sure if what you’ve done was a mission or not. When all the systemic parts of the world come together with our scripted content in the right ways, it’s kind of incredible."

Red Dead Redemption releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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"to create a world that goes far beyond anything we have ever done"

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