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EA reveals first details of Battlefield V's battle royale mode Firestorm

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EA finally revealed the first official details of Battlefield V's battle royale mode; Firestorm. According to the announcement, Firestorm will bring the best of what Battlefield is known for to the mode, while still delivering core gameplay elements the genre is known for.

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As rumoured earlier, DICE is not behind Firestorm, but Criterion Games, the studio behind the Burnout franchise, some of the Need for Speed games (including 2012 hit NFSMW). Firestorm will be the second major collaboration between EA and Criterion; the first was Star Wars Battlefront II.

"Firestorm elevates battle royale by bringing in the best of what Battlefield is known for," says EA. "Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get battle royale so intense it'll make your lips curl."

Battlefield V - Firestorm Core Features

Firestorm will have the traditional shrinking battlefield with a ring of fire that slowly closes in on the 64 combatants of 16 squads each. Your squad can gain the upper hand by wiping out entire squads with Battlefield's iconic tank warfare, or by grabbing vehicles that make evading the ring of fire and opponents much easier.

Squads can acquire better and even rare gear by securing specific objects; another reason to acquire a vehicle as soon as possible. Players can also transform the battlefield with the iconic Destruction feature. Level obstacles, wipe outbuildings, and clear a path for your squad, or destroy an opponents cover. We saw an example of this in the Firestorm teaser, right near the end of the trailer at 2.07

It is unclear how many maps will eventually include the battle royale mode, but so far EA has only confirmed one map, and it will be the biggest Battlefield map in the history of the franchise.

One feature of Firestorm I am not too happy about is that it will be "tied" to The Company of each player, as well as their individual Battlefield V progression. On the other hand, EA made it clear that Firestorm is reserved for squads, so you cannot play it as an individual, so perhaps it is a cool reward for squads that level up together.

As we have stated in our Battlefield V open beta first impressions, the game is definitely more geared for squad play than its predecessor, Battlefield 1, so it isn't surprising that DICE wants to further empathize it with Firestorm.

Another traditional battle royale mode - being dropped from a plane - will also feature in Firestorm. Something that is different than what other battle royale games offer, is that in Firestorm there will be squad objectives, it's not a case of shooting until the last man standing - although the point of the mode is to be the last standing. The difference is; that squads who complete objectives (and there will be different types, similar to those in Conquest, although some will be at set locations, and some random), will unlock epic gear, which will give them an advantage. These objectives will unlock rewards pertaining to supplies, vehicles, and weapons.

In case you're thinking to skip the objectives and just hunt down opposing squads, then think again. In Firestorm, your squad deploys with no loadout. From what I understand, you either get gear by looting and/or by completing objectives.

"Securing Objectives and controlling key landmarks will define most confrontations, but how you and your squad get there – and how well equipped you are when you do – will never be the same," explains EA.

What I like about Firestorm is how it mixes traditional battle royale with squad strategy. I hope we will see some gameplay of this mode before Battlefield V releases on November 20.

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From my time with the open beta, I can conclude that DICE still has a lot to do before the launch day.  Battlefield V has tremendous potential to outshine Battlefield 1 - but there is a big "if" in front of that statement. One plus is that unlike its predecessor, we already have South African servers for Battlefield V.

The Battlefield V open beta ends on a few days on September 11. The download takes only a few hours, so jump in and join us.

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"battle royale so intense it'll make your lips curl"

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