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Valve defines what trolling means on Steam and talks about improved age-gate

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In June this year, we reported that Valve will no longer regulate the Steam store, opening the floodgates. Only two types of games are not allowed; games with illegal content and games that are considered to be trolling. At the time, Han mentioned that trolling can be subjective and that was a very good point if you ask me.

Now, Valve has decided to define trolling in a lengthy post on Steam about their progress. Further, a new age-gate system with more detail has also been revealed and will be implemented very soon. Valve came out to admit that the term “troll” is a vague one and clarified that for Valve, trolling means developers who aren’t really interested in “good faith efforts” in terms of making and selling games to anyone.

Valve continued by explaining exactly what they think constitutes trolling on their platform:

"On Steam, some are simply trying to rile people up with something we call 'a game shaped object' (ie: a crudely made piece of software that technically and just barely passes our bar as a functioning video game but isn't what 99.9% of folks would say is "good").

Some trolls are trying to scam folks out of their Steam inventory items, others are looking for a way to generate a small amount of money off Steam through a series of schemes that revolve around how we let developers use Steam keys. Others are just trying to incite and sow discord."

Then, there’s also the new age-gate system of which Valve outlined a series of changes they are making to Steam right now. The goal here is to help filter sexual and violent content on Steam.  


Basically, Valve will now require developers who use Steam as a distribution platform to describe the sexual or violent content that appears in a game as you can see in the image above. Valve explains that:

"We think the context of how content is presented is important and giving a developer a place to describe and explain what's in their game gives you even more information when browsing and considering a purchase. When you're looking at the store page of a game with mature content, we'll display that developer-written description to you.

Valve isn’t just leaving it up to the good faith of everyone involved, as they plan to employ moderators to make sure that games comply with this new ruleset and they added that developers that have titles with mature content will be “encouraged” to add these new descriptors to their games already on Steam.

What do you think about this new age gate system and Valve’s definition of trolling on Steam? Let us know in the comment section below.

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