Microsoft releasing a grease-proof controller so you can eat fried chicken and play games at the same time

Xbox One Greaseproof.jpg

I normally overlook Microsoft's new controller announcements because they have more controller variations on the market than they have exclusive games but this is pretty cool. Xbox Australia announced that they have created a greaseproof controller to celebrate the full release of PUBG on the console. It is a double entendre whereas the Chicken Dinner statement now means both a real chicken dinner you can eat while playing PUBG to get your chicken dinner. 

While there will only be 200 of these made, each of them will be numbered and have a #greaseproof 1.0 reference on them. Microsoft is currently giving away 10 of them on the ANZ Facebook Page but alas, the competition is not open to SA residents so you will have to eat dinner, then wash your hands and then play games. Hard life I know. 

A short video released by Pres Start shows them testing the grease by tossing the controller in a barrel of KFC and then taking it out and it is clean. It is coated with a shiny plastic that rubs off any grease it may encounter in the process of gaming. While it still has grooves this grease can get into, it makes a big difference compared to the matte-like material found on every other controller. 

If you manage to get your hands on one of these then you are super lucky as you will be a mere 1 of 200 people in the world with it. Check out the trailer of the controller below. 

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