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Battlefield V open beta: All known issues, fixes and important Q&A for SA gamers

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The Battlefield V open beta for early access members kicked off last night, with the public beta set to start today. The first day of the open beta wasn't smooth sailing, especially for South African players, and naturally, there are a lot of questions. With the help of the local Battlefield Facebook group, we've compiled a list of the most pressing questions to help those starting the beta today. We also go through all the latest beta updates from DICE.

Later this week we will also share some first impressions from competitive Battlefield players as well as members of the local community.

Battlefield Open Beta: Most important Q&A

Did DICE roll out South African servers: Yes, but you will struggle to find a list of all the local servers in the server browser. A few players reported that they've seen the list under the Antarctica region. DICE is working on a solution.

How do I join an SA server?: The best way for me is not by using the Custom setting to list Africa as a region, but rather joining via Quick Play as it automatically joins you to the best available server to your location.

When is the best time to join an SA server?: So far, it's been a struggle to connect any time before 5 pm.

Is there a Discord channel for SA players?: There isn't an official one, but if you want to hook up you can try the Blixem_Boer's channel here. The more who join him the better.

Which modes should I select in QP?: Conquest and Grand Operations are both popular with SA gamers

How is gameplay on the EU servers? I've played a few rounds on an EU server, and it isn't unplayable with a ping ranging from 150-300. It definitely does have a negative affect when in direct confrontation with an opponent.

What is the latency on SA servers? It averages around 30-40ms

How big is the beta download?: On fibre, it takes just over 3 hours to download on a 10meg line. The file is around 14GB

When does the beta end? The official date is Tuesday, 11 September.


Battlefield Open Beta: PC Info

If you're playing on PC, and you have a low framerate, then there are a couple of things you can do to improve it.

From the menu on the left, select "More" this takes you to "Options" then select "Video." Scroll down the "Video" menu to the bottom and set the Film Grain and Vignette to 0. Secondly, you can tune more graphics settings by selecting "Advanced."

Make sure your DirectX 12 setting is the option that will suit your PC specs best. If you selected to use DirectX 12 and you experience any issues, reset it back to DirectX 11 and restart the game. Last night, I suddenly got a "DirectX Error" message. I couldn't change anything in the settings to fix the issue, I had to do a completely fresh install of the beta.

Under the "Quality" section you can select the following options:

  • Auto: Max fidelity
  • Auto: Min latency
  • Custom
  • Ultra
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

I play with a GTX 1080 and my settings were auto set to Max fidelity. Gameplay is smooth with almost no drop in fps. Most reports from local players with the GTX 1080 say they get a framerate varying from 60-80 fps.

Make sure your PC meets the open beta recommended or minimum system requirements and reset your Video Settings accordingly. Don't forget to download the latest drivers, for Nvidia cards it is updated 399.07.

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Battlefield Open Beta: Known Issues & Fixes

On PC, the servers crash constantly. On my first evening, I wasn't able to finish a single match, and I could only play about four maps on local servers that disconnected halfway until the whole thing eventually shut down. Various reports from local players all say the same thing, the servers disconnect during most matches.

When it works, however, gameplay is smooth, framerate is stable, and visually it looks great. However, I did at times have a problem with soldier visibility. This is one of the current known issues that DICE is working on

There was a big issue for squads to join, but DICE rolled out a fix last night, here are the patch notes:

  • Fixed Squad Join issue, allowing Squads join a match together.
  • Activated Spectator mode.
  • Addressed lop-sided team balance issues. Note: With this update, at the end of the match you will not be switched to the opposite side. You will have to quit and rejoin to potentially play as the other army. (We will have a permanent solution to this issue with the full launch of Battlefield V that will work as designed.)

The complete list of current known issues and fixes:


  • If you’re using an Xbox One controller on PC, please only use the controller to switch between controller and mouse/keyboard. Using your mouse with a controller connected can cause input problems.
  • Squad leader radio controls are not visible when using an Xbox One controller on PC. Use LB+RB.

Squads and spawning:

  • Wait until your weapons appear in the deploy screen before spawning in.
  • You may get kicked back to the deploy screen if you are spawning in just as your squad wipes. Wait for the “Still deploying” message to go away before you try again.
  • Squad leaders don’t automatically cancel the queue for Squadmates. If a Squad leader leaves a server queue, their Squadmates have to manually leave to follow them.
  • If you accept a squad invite from a friend on the opposing team, you will be “killed by Admin” before joining your friend’s squad.
  • Invitations can expire, so if you fail to join a squad, ask for another invite.
  • If your friend is in a Private Squad, and you hit Join Friend, you need to join the match they’re in before you can join their Private Squad. Squads are only visible after you deploy.
  • If you get stuck while joining a Squad that’s in the process of joining a match, quit and rejoin the Squad.
  • One of our error messages is misleading, Player left your Squad is showing when your Squad quits a server.
  • Exit the map or the game to leave a Squad. The Leave Squad option in the Social menu does not always work.

Inventory and purchasing:

  • Some weapon visuals on the Appearance and Customize tabs can be purchased even if you haven’t unlocked the weapon yet.
  • If you’re playing on Xbox One, you need to buy your weapons through the Armory or Inventory screen and not through your Company screen.
  • If you’re playing on PC and you buy a weapon you already own through your Company screen, there is currently no way for you to scrap it.

Weapons, gadgets and vehicles:

  • While playing as a Medic on Xbox One, you can only throw the Medical Pouch to other players or use it on yourself.
  • On PC, the Medical Pouch is incorrectly called Ammo Pouch in one of the Medic on-screen hints.
  • On PlayStation 4, the Stuka B-1 plane is listed as having four 50KG bombs, but it only has one 100KG bomb.

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