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What you can expect from Battlefield V on launch day


DICE released a new trailer for Battlefield V, and if you weren't excited about the game, it might just push you over the line. The trailer, titled, "This is Battlefield V"  gives a rundown of the launch content, improvements from Battlefield 1, single-player content, and more. One of the most exciting features shown in the video is Firestorm - battle royale the Battlefield way.

Battlefield V - Firestorm

Firestorm maps will accommodate a total of 64 players, divided into sixteen teams consisting of four players each. Unlike traditional battle royale games, you won't be able to play solo; you will have to squad up. The victors will be the last squad standing.

Firestorm will boast "the largest Battlefield map ever" announces DICE. "A sandbox filled with destructible buildings, weaponry, and vehicles."

DICE didn't elaborate on any more details and showcased previous footage.


Battlefield V - Multiplayer launch details

Multiplayer will launch with eight maps and eight modes. The game modes are:

  1. Final Stand
  2. Airborne
  3. Breakthrough
  4. Domination
  5. Frontlines
  6. Team Deathmatch
  7. Conquest Assault
  8. Conquest

Then there's Grand Operations; inspired by some of World War II's most famous battles. It will include multiple maps and modes and will take place over four in-game days. It starts with Airborne, the insertion point into the battlefield. The second phase is Breakthrough where you establish a forward front, and then it moves to Final Stand.

When it comes to the launch day maps, players will take part in "one of the biggest tank battle in human history" which took place in North Africa (possibly the Second Battle of El Alamein.) So far, the launch maps are:

  • North Africa: Airfield and Hamada
  • Norway: Snow Mountain & Artic Fjord
  • Netherlands: Rotterdam & Devastation
  • France: Twisted Steel & Yellow Fields

Battlefield V - Single-player launch details

The untold stories of World War II. For me, War Stories was the best addition that released with Battlefield 1, and it's even looking better in Battlefield V. On launch day you will be able to play four War Stories, with one releasing post-launch.

  1. Prologue
  2. Nordlys
  3. Tirailleur
  4. Under No Flag
  5. The Last Tiger (post-launch)

I would love it if DICE released more War Stories post-launch, but it looks like there will only be a total of five.

BFV Tides of War.jpg

Battlefield V - Tides of War launch details

Tides of War will take every Battlefield V player on a free journey throughout World War II. The first chapter, The Fall of Europe (set in 1940), will be available on launch day to all players. The battle begins in France, with content added over time. According to the trailer, DICE will add content daily, weekly, and for months to come.

The second chapter will kick off early 2019 and will take players to a new location in Greece. Each chapter will take players to a new theatre of war.

Tides of War.jpg

Battlefield V - Core gameplay changes

We already know most of the changes listed in this section, but here's a recap as listed in the new trailer. Changes from Battlefield 1 include:

  • Deeper squad play
  • More fluid player movement (back paddle while firing or when downed/standing upright)
  • Better gun mechanics
  • Reshape the battlefield with Fortifications
  • Fortifications include barb wire, bridge and wall building, foxholes and more
  • New reinforcements to call in (rockets, supply drops etc)
  • Return grenades or shoot while airborne
  • Sprint while crouching
  • Combat vaulting & new side-sliding manoeuvre
  • More predictable recoil and bullet spray

The Battlefield V open beta is now live for those who pre-ordered the game or those who are Origin or EA access subscribers. The Battlefield V South African servers launched last night, so come and join us.

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