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Ghost of Tsushima developers working with real Kenjutsu Masters to bring the game to life

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Ghost of Tsushima is looking awesome. At E3 2018 we got a glimpse of Sony's upcoming ninja game developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind Infamous and Sly Cooper. Yesterday Sucker Punch shared some pictures on their official Twitter account showing some behind-the-scenes development of the game and the fact that they are working with real-life Samurai to help bring the game's authenticity to life. 

What I find strange is that these two Samurai have active Twitter accounts but I suppose that is 2018 for you. One of them was Masakumo Kuwami who is a 10th Grandmaster of Tenshinryu Hyonhou. The other was Assistant Instructor Ryusetsu Ide. Both of these samurais come from the Tenshinryu Hyohou school which is based in Tokyo and was originally founded in the 17th century by Yahei Tokizawa. The school teaches the traditional art of the Kenjutsu which is sword combat and Battojutsu which is the art of drawing the sword and other weapons such as the spear and chain sickle. 


If you are into the art or find it fascinating to any degree then I recommend you follow these two samurais as they publish some pretty cool videos on their life and give some great insight to the life of the Samurai. They were both extremely pleased to be able to share their insight during the game development of Ghost of Tsushima. The school even shared some love on the official page saying "We were invited for Ghost of Tsushima. It is an exciting encounter of the newest game and traditional techniques"

Ghost is Tsushima is currently in development exclusively for PS4. There is no release date. Check out the awesome E3 gameplay trailer below.

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