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5 ways Bungie fixed Destiny 2 to make it more like the first game again

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If you have been a Destiny player for years now you will know that Destiny 2 has had a rough time since its launch back in September 2017. Bungie, for some reason, went backwards with many things in an attempt to dumb down the game's features for noobs that did not get a chance to play the first game. This resulted in much of the game's community hating many of the features in Destiny 2 and in turn, made many players unhappy. Well, that is all changing now since update 2.0, and the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, a lot is changing in the game that is basically turning it back into the original Destiny. Here are 5 ways Bungie is turning Destiny 2 back to its better state.

Check out our video guide on the changes below

New Mod System

First off we have the new mod system. In the Forsaken expansion, mods on weapons and even armour will actually mean something. Weapons mods will no longer just be a mandatory thing you need to increase your power, instead, they will now be a fundamental part of customizing your weapons. Mods are basically extra perks now with things such as increased target acquisition, increased damage to bosses, increased in air accuracy and even increased mag size. The mods in Forsaken will actually matter and it will make players want to tailor their specific gaming experience depending on the mods they choose. 


Bungie felt as if their old masterwork system was boring and kinda a meaningless thing, with it being a one and done operation, but now they have come out with their new system and it seems a lot better and in ways more engaging. The new masterworks will now improve stats but up to ten points, this is up from the previous 5. They will take more resources such as masterwork cores, glimmer and legendary shards to make but this can be expected. Masterwork before the Forsaken did really feel lacklustre with their boost being so negligible. This new system allows us to invest more in the guns we love. Masterworks will actually be vital to reaching higher power levels now rather than just leaving you on the same level as every other gun you use. 

The Post-Game Grind is Back

Now Bungie has been putting a lot of emphasis on this in the form of the Dreaming city, an explorable Awoken themed area dedicated entirely to end game, challenging content. This is a first for Bungie as we’ve never before seen the end game on such a large scale, we usually get a raid and maybe one or two other items but this seems really awesome. Inside the Dreaming City we have a horde mode event known as the Blind Well were players will be taking on brutal waves on the new threat that lies in the heart of the city. Along with all the content within the end game, Bungie has also said that this explorable space will be changing over time as players progress through it. In general, Bungie promises that Forsaken will deliver a heavy post-game experience that will see players take on weekly quests for rare loot, farm for those low-dropping exotic weapons and replay the raid a couple of times a week to get everything it has to offer. 

New Weapon Changes

A problem many players had when transitioning from the original Destiny to its sequel is the changes to weapons and how you were now funnelled into using two primaries weapons and a heavy. This is now being changed and it’s honestly better late than never. Players will be able to fully customize their loadout in any way they wish. A hand cannon shotgun and sniper, three shotguns, even three snipers. Anything is really possible now and it all depends on you. The slot changes will surely bring a new breath of fresh air to the game and of course, change the way its played from the crucible all the way to the raids! The weapon slot changes are officially here, since the 2.0.0 update, so go enjoy them. 

Random Rolls are Back

Lastly, we have the reintroduction of random rolls and in turn the reintroduction of the grind and commitment to the game. It’s no secret then when random rolls on gear were removed much of the reason to play Destiny was removed too. No searching for your perfect roll and having the excitement of getting that amazing hand cannon or pulse rifle because all guns were the same and that sucks. Honestly, this point ties into all the other points to some degree as all the previously mentioned things will give players a new reason to play and commit. Grinding for that weapon mod you want, getting those exclusive guns from the blind well, or even just trying to get the perfect roll on your favourite gun. Anyone familiar with the original Destiny will know and probably appreciate the random roll system in some way. 

Will these changes make you return to the game or even pick it up for the first time? Let us know in the comments below. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on 4 September 2018. Pre-order now from Loot.co.za

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