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Fortnite High Stakes event revealed alongside new game mode Getaway

Fortnite High Stakes

There is a new event heading to Fortnite and it sounds pretty cool. Over the weekend Epic Games hosted a PAX Twitch stream in which they revealed the new High Stakes event alongside a few new outfits and a new game mode known as Getaway. The event will be similar to the Thanos event from earlier this year whereas it will not be an entirely new Season 5 of content, rather a timed celebration of something else. The event revolves around people joining other people on heists and sounds pretty great. 

The new Getaway mode will see you teaming up with squads in an attempt to steal a jewel hidden somewhere on the map. The jewel is hidden on the map and also locked in a safe that needs to be cracked. After players obtain the loot they will need to try to make their way to a getaway car and escape the area in order to successfully complete the match.  Of course, there will be a rival squad of players that will try and stop you from stealing the loot as they want it for themselves. This means you will need to make use of Fortnite's building features and PvP combat in order to stop the other players and get the loot for yourself. The first team to steal four jewels wins the game. 

Fortnite High Stakes

The much-rumoured grapple tool will also be arriving in the game at the same time as the event. This tool lets you grapple up to higher ground like a ninja. This will be a much-needed new feature in the game mode as according to Epic, the safe and even the getaway van could be in a spot that you cannot reach normally. 

The event will also come with cool new cosmetic items including new costumes that make you look like bank robbers, a Safecracker Glider and even a Cuffed Case Back Bling. 

There is no exact release date for the mode and new items but expect it to drop very soon, most likely this week sometime. In the meantime check out the latest dev update below; 

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