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Battlefield V open beta: Download size and new details


September is an extremely exciting month in gaming with all the awesome games coming your way, as well as the open Beta for Battlefield V. In case you missed the big announcement, South African players will be able to participate in the open beta on local servers.

We've talked about all the most important beta details as well as the PC requirements, but since then DICE has revealed a bit more information.

According to EA DICE Producer, Jaqub Ajmal, you'll need around 20 GB of hard drive space to play the open beta. "The BFV Open Beta build looks like that it will be coming in around 17GB. I recommend you guys start clearing up space so that you have at least 20GB available," he announced via Twitter. This applies to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. On the same note, when asked how big the final game will be, Ajmal simply stated, "Expect a full blu-ray."

If you participated in the previous two Battlefield V alphas, then make sure you uninstall the files as the open beta is a completely new build that requires a fresh install. According to DICE Multiplayer Producer, David Sirland, the beta isn't Xbox One X enhanced, but according to the game's listing on the Microsoft Store, the final product will be.

According to Battlefield Bulletin, the open beta won't have any level or rank limit. You will earn Company Coins through completing special assignments, daily orders, and levelling your career rank. These coins can be used to customize the soldiers, weapons, and vehicles in The Company; arguably one of the most important features participants will be testing.

All four main classes; Assault, Recon, Medic, and Support, will be available in the beta, but the Combat Roles will be limited to one per class. In the final game, each class will have several Combat Roles, each with its unique abilities. The Sniper Combat Role, for example, grants a speed boost when your health is critical, and the Field Medic Combat Role comes with a Syringe Revive trait that allows the wearer to heal all fallen teammates and not only those in his or her squad.

When it comes to the open beta weapons, DICE listed the KE7, Bren Gun, FG-42 and the M30 Drilling Shotgun for the Support Classes (Medics get the STEN, Suomi KP/31, MP40, and EMP). For the Assault Class, there will be the Turner SMLE, M1A1 Carbine, Gewehr 43, and the StG 44 Assault Rifle. The Recon Class will have the Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I, ZH-29, or the Kar98k. Please keep in mind the open beta might not be limited to the weapons listed. Talking about weapons, take a look at All the confirmed weapons so far and weapon customization options.

I am very curious to play Battlefield V's Tide of War chapter in the open beta. We'll be able to test a single event, the Shock Troops Chapter, and earn a special Dog tag upon completion. It is important to note that this chapter will only be available in the open beta and not in the final game - you'll have one chance to play it.

PlayStation 4 participants will not need a PlayStation Plus account to participate in the open beta, but Xbox One players will need to be an Xbox Live subscriber. Pre-loading starts today at 8:00 UTC (10:00 South African time).

Are you going to participate in the beta? I hope to test The Company features to see if the customization controversy deserves all the negativity.

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