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Just Cause 4's full map revealed and it's massive

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Square Enix released the full map for Just Cause 4 as well as a few new screenshots. Rico's next adventure promises to be even bigger and badder than its predecessor.

I remember when Square Enix announced Just Cause 3 by saying they're creating one of the biggest open worlds in gaming. Medici was a gigantic 400 square mile island with three district districts. Just Cause 4's map is 1024 km^2 (just over 395 square miles), making it a bit smaller than its predecessor, but with a lot more landmass.

For that reason, Just Cause 4's Solis will have four districts, and according to the developer, Avalanche Studios, it is "the most diverse and dangerous world" they have ever created. From the map it looks like the four districts are; grasslands, icy mountain ranges, dense jungles, and a rocky section.

Jusct Cause 4 map.jpg

Just Cause 4 will include dynamic weather systems like tornado's, blizzards, sand storms and more. The game's AI has also received a significant upgrade from Just Cause 3, so we can expect it to be smarter and respond more tactical in combat situations. According to Avalanche Studios, Just Cause 4 will also have improved physics and animations systems.

In Just Cause 4 Rico responds to a distress call from someone in Solis (you can listen to the signal by clicking on the map), which sets him on a path of confrontation with the Black Hand, a paramilitary group ran by one Gabriela. Rico's journey also takes a very personal twist as he discovers some secrets about his past in Solis.

Just Cause 4 is very similar to its predecessor in that there will be the signature explosive action with Rico thrown into a country that's oppressed by some military group, but it is also different in many ways. Besides the above improvements, there will also be new gameplay mechanics and new features like the Storm Chaser - the only vehicle that allows Rico to chase tornadoes. Just Cause 4's dynamic weather system will demand a lot more from Rico's wingsuit abilities, and we'll also see a lot more gameplay focused on weather phenomena.

Just Cause 4 releases on December 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It comes in three editions; Day One, Digital Deluxe, and Gold.

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"the most diverse and dangerous world"

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