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Battlefield V open beta South African servers confirmed

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The news we've been waiting for is here. Yes, there will be South African servers for the Battlefield V open beta. Battlefield's North American Community Manager, Braddock512, announced the news yesterday in a forum post.

"Please note that this list is not final and does necessarily represent what will be available for the full game, as we are still evaluating server locations which could further improve our coverage," explains Braddock512. For now, we are just happy that we won't be playing the beta with that extra lag that comes from having to log in from an EU or US server.

Battlefield V open beta server locations

  • Europe West - UK
  • Europe Central - Germany
  • US West
  • US East
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong

Even though Braddock512 clearly stated the above locations are not the official Battlefield V server list, it is a definite indication that it could be. It is, therefore, extremely important for all South African Battlefield players to join the open beta to show EA that the community is interested in playing Battlefield V. We have to show EA and DICE that it will be worth having South African servers.

If there is enough interest, then the chances are very good that we'll have local Battlefield V servers on launch day. With the previous Battlefield game, the South African community had to campaign for months to convince EA to release servers. This time, we can have it when the game launches on the new release date of November 20.

So spread the news, gather all your friends, and join the open beta. Please read the following two articles for all your open beta details:

Braddock512 also released other open beta details; participants will be able to test all of the Cinematic Mode features. The images in this article are screenshots taken by DICE Gameplay Programmer Randy Stanton, showcasing the spectator mode screenshot capture. Read here for more details about what DICE will be testing with the open beta.

Battlefield V Rotterdam.jpg

DICE also detailed the improvements they've made from the second closed alpha. These are fine-tuning gunplay and the Time To Kill / Time To Death features. It looks like participants preferred the TTK mechanics from the first alpha and the TTD mechanics from the second alpha.

Going into the open beta DICE will again release a new balance of these two core gameplay mechanics.  Squad joining matchmaking, player progression, and overall visibility are four key features DICE improved from the second closed alpha to the open beta.

Lastly, DICE will be testing server stability, latency levels, matchmaking as well as weapon balancing, and progression in the open beta.

We hope to see you on the Battlefield!

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