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Everything you need to do to prepare for Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Destiny 2: Forsaken is out on 4 September 2018 but if you are like the rest of us, especially those players on PS4 that have just jumped into the free game, then you will probably have no idea what you should do to prepare for this huge expansion. Bungie has changed a lot already in update 2.0 and there are more changes coming your way on Tuesday when the game releases. What happens to your currency and should you keep your weapon parts? All these questions are important to a Destiny player as they have worked hard collecting all the stuff. We have put together a guide to explain the best preparation methods for Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Check out our video guide below;

Stock that Currency!

Let's begin with stockpiling currency. When the DLC launches you’re most definitely going to want to have as much of the three currencies as possible. Bright dust, for purchasing those new awesome cosmetics. It’s almost guaranteed that Bungie will be releasing a few exotic emotes, ships, sparrows and of course ornaments. Glimmer is gonna be an all-round currency that you’ll obviously need for infusion, purchasing and other stuff too. And lastly, we have legendary shards. These are gonna be vital in infusion, purchases from Xur as well as the new masterwork system. Going into the DLC you’re definitely gonna want to have max glimmer and as many shards and dust as you can get. If anything, don't spend any currency at all right now. 

Keep your Mods...for now

So the new mod system is on its way and all or old mods will become obsolete, however, mod components will be vital in purchasing the new gen of mods. In order to stock up on mod components, I recommend dumping all your Glimmer into buying rare mods whenever you hit cap. This will eventually allow you to convert these into legendary mods and dismantle those for mod components. The more components you go into Forsaken with, the better. So remember, buy mods when you have maxed out Glimmer and then farm for more. 

Materials are important again

Next up we have stockpiling materials. This is gonna include things like gunsmith materials, masterwork cores, Vanguard and Crucible tokens as well as planetary materials. Now the reasons to why I say planetary materials is because they will be involved in the new infusion system and upgrade system. Meaning you will need multiple of these to fully upgrade armour and infuse them. An easy way to obtain said materials is to get a ghost with the perk allowing you to see materials on a planet from certain distances away. Now, it’s not mandatory that you farm for these materials but it will help with the best start in Forsaken. Basically, everything you do going forward in Destiny 2 will require a specific planetary material so whatever you are doing in the game is important as you will be racking them up somehow. 

Save those Bounties

Lastly, we have bounty stacking for the levelling of your first character. Bounties how they currently are in Destiny 2 expire within 24 hours If they not completed, however, if they are completed you can stack multiple bounties in your pursuits tab and wait for the launch of Forsaken, this way you will get a huge boost of XP for your characters. Every day you have to play the game you should now pick up as many Bounties as possible, complete them but don't turn them in. On Forsaken's launch day go wild and turn them in and reap the rewards of the system. 

So there you have it. A short but sweet guide to preparing for Destiny 2: Forsaken. The expansion launches on 4 September 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check out our guide on what you get and what you don't get if you don't buy the expansion. Also, if you don't know yet, Destiny 2 is free on PS4 as PlayStation Plus' September game. Grab it and get into the action. 

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