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CS: GO offline play goes free and Panorama is the only supported UI after today's update

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has seen a lot of changes as of late, with the brand-new Panorama UI and even a new weapon making its way to the game. Valve has done a great job so far even though some players might still have a few issues with the Panorama UI, especially on lower-end systems. Now, Valve has made two big announcements.

First off, the Panorama UI will be the only UI supported with today’s update and the Scaleform UI will no longer be supported even if you use launcher option “-legacyscaleformui”. With this change, Valve has also added “better support” for the Panorama UI on low-end PCs.

The second big announcement is that CS: GO will be freely available later today for offline play and GOTV viewing. You will have to install the game from here via the Steam Store and you won’t have to pay a cent. Further, Valve has also added tournament items for the upcoming FACEIT 2018 London CS: GO Major Championships and the London 2018 Pick’Em Challenge.

Check out the full patch notes below.

London 2018:

  • Added tournament items for the FACEIT 2018 London CS: GO Major Championship and the London 2018 Pick’Em Challenge.
  • Later today, CS: GO will be freely available for offline play and GOTV viewing by installing “CS: GO – Free” from the Steam Store.


  • Added better support for Panorama UI on low-end machines.
  • Added support for weapon stickers and character gloves on the character featured in the main menu.
  • Fixed a case where weapon finishes appeared overly dark.
  • Adjusted optimal movie resolution based on user’s CPU and GPU levels.
  • Fixed extra bright flashlight on characters when loading non-HDR community maps.


  • Darkened exposed metal on ejection port and bolt.
  • Added support for MP5-SD to workshop workbench.


  • Mirage - fixed texture blends in T-spawn area.


  • CS: GO has bid farewell to the Scaleform UI. “-legacyscaleformui” is no longer supported.
  • Updated the Settings menu to display the Steam Controller Configurator if a Steam Controller is detected.
  • Added a new recommended Steam Controller config to better support the Buy menu and Team Select menu.
  • Miscellaneous stability and security improvements.

What do you think about the Panorama UI now being the only CS: GO UI supported and the rest of the changes in the latest CS: GO update which went live in the early hours of the morning? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: CSGO Blog

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