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Google reveals Fortnite on Android vulnerability and Epic calls it an irresponsible move

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Early this month, we reported that Fortnite would be coming to Android devices soon but that developer Epic Games is ditching the Google PlayStore to avoid that 30% cut that Google takes from all PlayStore purchases. Marco noted that this move could potentially put Android users at risk as the game wouldn’t be verified by Google at all and he was 100% correct.

Google recently shared information with the public noting how hackers could exploit a vulnerability with the Fortnite installer, as they could upload malware to the APK file, granting permissions to a user’s data without their consent.

Before we start thinking that Google did this to spite Epic for not releasing Fortnite on the Google PlayStore, keep in mind that Google has done this in the past, making vulnerabilities public regarding the likes of Samsung and even Microsoft.

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to explain the situation, noting that they worked around the clock to fix things with an update and he also called Google’s move to reveal this vulnerability to the public so quickly to be irresponsible. Mr Sweeney explains that:

Android is an open platform. We released software for it. When Google identified a security flaw, we worked around the clock (literally) to fix it and release an update. The only irresponsible thing here is Google’s rapid public release of technical details.

It does make sense that Epic doesn’t like this vulnerability to become public so quickly and there was communication between Epic and Google on the matter before the vulnerability was made public, as Mr Sweeney explains:

We asked Google to hold the disclosure until the update was more widely installed. They refused, creating an unnecessary risk for Android users in order to score cheap PR points.

According to Mr Sweeney, the only thing this rapid reveal of the vulnerability as well as technical details really did was give hackers a chance to target users with unpatched versions of Fortnite on Android.

What do you think about Google’s move to reveal details of a Fortnite vulnerability so quickly and Epic’s stance on the matter? Let us know in the comment section below.

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