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48 minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay revealed and it is gorgeous

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After more than five hours of watching the Twitch feed of CD Projekt Red, fans were rewarded with the full gameplay demo that press got to see behind closed doors during this year's E3 and Gamescom events. It is everything we expected; beautiful, captivating, immersive, mature, action-packed, and so much more.

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There was also a message from CD Projekt Red hidden in the final frame, and, of course, an Internet sleuth already managed to captured and translate it. What the messages comes down to is that CD Projekt Red was reluctant to show the demo to the public because it is still a work in progress, and they didn't want that typical thing to happen where people say but the final product changed from what was shown before.

"We have a lot of design ideas, a lot of mechanics being playtested, but we don't know what we'll end up with at launch," explains CDPR. "This makes publishing videos like what you just saw risky --we don't want gamers saying 'but in that previous video that gun was shooting differently', or 'why did you change the interface?'. Change is inherent to game development and there's a ton of things being modified each day." You can read the full translation here.

Fair concerns, so let's keep in mind this is a work in progress, albeit a glorious one.

Keeping in mind that anything shown in the video is subject to change, what did we learn that we've not covered so far? We've talked about braindancing, why it is a mature game, the influence of Cyberpunk 2020, the biggest role players in Night City, how CDPR is fine-tuning the shooting mechanic, and the consequence system. We've also covered the different classes, gangs, districts, and lots more.

Below is a summary of some of the things we want to highlight from the video.

  • You can even customize the backstory of your character
  • The backstory unlocks specific possibilities as the game unfolds
  • Boosters enables the user to access otherwise locked abilities (like slowing down time)
  • It doesn't look like Trauma Team has to be your enemies as I previously thought. Well, they could be if you endanger or harm one of their subscribers
  • Increase your "street cred' by completing missions
  • Increased street cred unlocks better vendors
  • No loading screens, an open, seamless world
  • Upgrade your augments at a Ripper vendor; there are legal and illegal types
  • In-game currency is called "Eddies"
  • Your actions directly impacts your open world experience
  • The danger level depends on the faction you're meeting, megacorp agents are more dangerous because of their connections and resources
  • The dialogue system is fully gameplay driven
  • Quests can be completed in different ways, for example, violent, non-violent, by negotiating or so on
  • You can inspect specific items that will aid you in progressing through quests
  • Certain paths through a quest will be locked depending on your skills, for some you need for example NetRunner skills

There's still a lot to say from the demo, but for me, the highlight isn't the combat, the augments or the guns, it's Night City. The city is so diverse and bustling with life; religious groups, subcultures, ordinary and extraordinary people - and they are all so real. The energy from Night City draws you in, and you want to explore it, know it. According to CDPR, they have "Greatly enhanced crowd & community systems to create the most believable city in any open world game to date."

All we need now is the Cyberpunk 2077 release date.

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"the most believable city in any open world game to date"

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