Xbox All Access subscription offers the Xbox One X, Xbox Live and Game Pass for monthly fee

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Last night, Microsoft launched Xbox All Access, a monthly subscription fee that offers an Xbox One, access to Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Live. At the time of writing, the is only available to in the US, and in stores, is only valid as long as stocks last, or until the offer expires on 31 December 2018.

"With Xbox All Access, get a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, unlimited access to over 100 great games with Xbox Game Pass for 24 months, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold for 24 months," announces Microsoft. "That’s 100+ all-you-can-play games—including new Xbox exclusives— the fastest, most reliable gaming network, and an Xbox One console for no upfront cost and one low monthly price."

Xbox All Access is a way to finance purchasing an Xbox One S, or an Xbox One X (both are the 1TB versions), while also bagging access to the Xbox live services. The subscription ends after twelve months, and you get to keep your console, but you have to subscribe to Xbox Live and the Xbox Game Pass again.

The Xbox One X subscription will set you back $34.99 per month, and $839,76 in total over two years, minus state tax. The Xbox One S costs $21.99 per month and $527 in total. So are these two options cheaper than if you purchased it separately?

An Xbox One X costs around $499, add to that two years of Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions (around $360), and you get a total of $859. With the Xbox All Access, you will, therefore, save only about $20 depending on the American state tax. Doing the same with the Xbox One S ($299), you'll get a slightly better saving of around $132.

The Xbox All Access is a great way to encourage customers to buy an Xbox, while also promoting Xbox Live and the Xbox Game Pass. It locks customers into 24 months of using the live services while increasing sales of the Xbox One. For customers, it helps with your monthly cash flow as you don't have to dish out one big amount in a single month. You also get to play on "the world's most powerful console."

If the Xbox All Access is a success in the US, then we might see it released in more countries. Is it something you would be interested in?

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"an Xbox One console for no upfront cost and one low monthly price"

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