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Fortnite keyboard & mouse players on PS4 will soon matchmake PC players


Fortnite battle royale may have fantastic cross-play support to some extent where players can be matchmade with other players across different platforms, only if you are not on PS4 though, and this feature allows the servers to fill up with a whole bunch of different people playing on different consoles be it Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS or PC. The issues are, however, when it comes to consoles versus PC, the controller has a disadvantage to the keyboard and mouse for obvious reasons. Input-based matchmaking is important to make sure the game is fair across all fronts and Epic Games will be implementing the new system soon. 

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According to their blog, Fortnite will be changing up it's matchmaking to allow an even playing field with no matter what device you use. An example of this is that players will be paired against players who are using the same peripherals. 

If anyone is using a keyboard and mouse on a console, they will be matchmade with people who are also using keyboards and mice on PC. The rule applies for your entire party so if you are the only person using a keyboard and mouse on PS4 and you are playing with a group of five friends, they will too suffer the wrath of a keyboard and mouse server because you decided to use it.

What Epic Games is saying, is basically if you plug a keyboard and mouse into your PS4 and use it to play Fortnite, you will then play against PC gamers every match. Give or take a few other PS4 players with the same setup. The same goes for Xbox One which is soon to get keyboard and mouse support too. These players will be filtered into separate servers against PC players. Epic Games has announced that this change will be taking place later in the year and is just another step at "hammering away at feel and optimization for controllers across all platforms".

The blog also details some other upcoming changes which include a resolution boost for PS4 Pro as well as Switch enhancements. You can read about everything here

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