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Valve unleashes a brand-new Dota 2 hero with another coming this summer


During the second to last day of The International, Valve revealed and subsequently released a brand-new hero which you can try out in the game right now. The Dota 2 update weighed in at just over 170mb and brings Grimstroke to the battlefield.

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With the final day of The International 2018’s Main Event kicking off tonight at 19:00 South African time. Yes, there is another hero coming to Dota 2 called “Mars” and although there isn’t a specific release date for the hero quite yet, the release window is “this Winter”, which for South Africans is this summer, so it’s not going to take too long before we get to play the first hero in the game with the same name as a planet - Hopefully he won’t have a planet-sized impact on games going forward...

About Grimstroke

Grimstroke looks like a really awesome hero and I can’t wait to play it in public matches a bit. Just reading the skills makes me think it could be a little on the overpowered side, especially with his ultimate in combination with other heroes who have unit-targeted spells. Check out the hero and ability description for Grimstroke below.

Skilled at manipulating battle from the outskirts, Grimstroke studies every movement and assesses each line, deciding when to emerge from inky darkness to disable his victims and bind them together with a swipe of his brush. He delights in unleashing phantom thralls to vex opponents, as he carefully considers how to dispatch multiple enemies with one final stroke.

Graceful, sophisticated, cunning and cruel, Grimstroke channels vile forces through the profane ink of his runebinding brush. Groomed from a young age to become a guardian of his people, Grimstroke's path to power was instead built upon a sacrifice he was all too willing to make: the lives of his entire race. Consumed by the very magic that was meant to protect them, Grimstroke's kindred now exist only as inky revenants, bound forever to his brush—their anguished screams and vicious forms apparent in the strokes of each dark mural he creates.


  • Stroke of Fate - Grimstroke winds up and paints a path of ink with his brush, damaging and slowing enemies in its wake. The damage increases with each enemy the ink strikes.
  • Phantom's Embrace - Grimstroke commands a phantom to latch onto his enemy, damaging and silencing it. If the phantom survives the latch duration, it rends the victim for heavy damage and refreshes Phantom Embrace's cooldown.
  • Ink Swell - Grimstroke covers himself or an ally in ink, silencing the target while granting bonus speed and immunity to attacks. The ink damages nearby enemies over time before bursting, damaging and stunning in the area based on how much harm it caused along the way.
  • Soulbind (Ultimate) - Grimstroke binds an enemy hero to its nearest allied hero in range, preventing each from moving away from the other. Unit-targeted spells that hit either hero affect both. If the bind is broken before it expires, the initial target will again be bound to its nearest allied hero in range.

Prepare to not get to pick Grimstroke in public matches for the foreseeable future if you don’t have the fastest fingers ever, because as we know everyone will want to play Grimstroke for the next several months and spam his pick, but if he does turn out to be overpowered, he will also need to survive the ban phase, so good luck!

What do you think about Grimstroke and his abilities? Let us know in the comment section below.

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