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Rage 2 is a single-player only game with loads of free and paid post-launch content

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Worried about the direction of Rage 2 after Fallout 76's controversial direction in gameplay? Well, don't be. Rage 2 is being made by id Software which means you can expect the best of the best when it comes to shooting and exploration without being forced to play PvP with unknown wastelanders in a shallow, non-NPC open world. 

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Rage 2 is looking amazing and the more we see from the game, the more we want it. While we are still quite far from its 2019 release, we are learning more about the game as Gamescom reveals more details about this crazy over-the-top shooter. The latest touches on the plans ahead even after the release of the game. In an interview with AusGamer and id Software's studio director at Gamescom, Tim Willits opened up about the game's lack of co-op saying that it is a "single-player game" 

"We feel that we are offering many hours of game for the money, but we also want to have a longer tail on the game. Which means that the focus is to deliver a robust single-player game at launch. We'll have some free updates, and we'll have paid updates. We have some community things too, so you can kind of feel that you're part of a community. And we'll talk about those later. But our focus is single player." 

When id Software talks about community, they could be hinting at a possible creator's mode like we saw in DOOM 2016. The mode saw players use the game's assets to create levels and challenges for other players to compete in and it provided a great bunch of content post-launch. Rage 2 could be getting the same treatment. Besides that, it is clear that id Software will be pushing content to Rage months after launch. 

The first game received a DLC pack called The Scorchers that added a load of story content as well as a new difficulty to take on. If history repeats itself then best be ready for a game that you will head back into a while after completion. 

Rage 2 is still without a release date but we know it will arrive in June 2019 sometime so best be ready for its craziness. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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