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Watch us play through Strange Brigade's awesome first level

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Strange Brigade is out on 28 August 2018 and we have been able to play the first mission in the game and it is awesome. Those of you who have not seen the game yet, it is a single-player, co-op adventure game where yourself or friends head into various gorgeous locations in Sahara Africa to track down treasure and to stop an undead goddess known as Seteki from raising her army of the dead that wants to take over the world.

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The game features great gunplay as you choose from a range of 1930-inspired weapons and various grenades and super abilities known as amulets. Each playable character has a range of different styles catering to the way you want to play the game. This comes in the form of perks such as increased running speed, more physical defence and even extra headshot damage. Not to mention that the guns can get runes equipped that come with extra perks such as a freeze that stops enemies in place, ricochet bullets and much more.

Each level is packed with treasures and collectables as well a traps to use against your friends and the enemies you face. Did I mention that the game looks gorgeous with rolling hills, swampy dense areas and beautiful deserted ruins to explore? Strange Brigade is truly a gorgeous game with a heavy emphasis on exploration and just stupid wave-killing fun. Some of the best moments come when you are faced with a dozen undead and a handy flame smash to use. Watching the undead vanish as you pummel the ground and they go flying feels so good. Of course, each character has a range of amulets that house different powers. From freezing enemies to a Mcree-like sharpshooter attack to even a laser tether that destroys anything in its path. Strange Brigade has enough variety to go around. 

The game will also include a Horde more and a Score Attack mode which we cannot share info on but just know it is one of the best parts of the experience. With planned DLC and new characters and maps coming, we cannot wait to see how this game changes in the months to come. 

Check out our first playthrough of the first level of the game dubbed as Harbin's Dig Site. We also explain much of the game's mechanics such as puzzles and gameplay in the video so be sure to turn that volume up. Strange Brigade launches on 28 August for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Stay tuned early next week for our full review.

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