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Fortnite weekly reset delayed and grappling hook leaked


If you have ever played Fortnite's Battle Royale you would know that every week the game resets specific challenges that are tailored to the specific season you are currently on. This reset takes place on a Thursday each week and offers new ways to take on your matches by completing specific challenges to earn currency to unlock cosmetic items. Well, if you wanted to jump onto the game to do specific new challenges then you may have to reschedule your gaming session with your fellow Fortniters because the weekly reset has become an 8-day reset instead.

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Epic Games revealed on Twitter that the upcoming patch, which should land today will push the usual reset until Friday. 

Patch v5.30 is right around the corner! It will release later in the week on Thursday, August 23. Week 7 Challenges will become available Friday, August 24.

For Epic to delay the reset is a pretty big deal and two factors could have gone into this. One being Gamescom week and two, perhaps the 5.30 patch included new challenges and due to it being delayed it had to push the reset back too. 

In other Fortnite news, one data miner suggested that we could be getting a grappling hook sometimes soon in the game. Both the folder "Grappling Hook" and " Zip Line" where found in the latest game files of patch 5.30.


This means that Epic Games could be adding these two new items when the patch goes live. A grappling hook in Fortnite could be pretty cool and mean that players will be able to zip through the air faster than ever and pull themselves up to the top of constructions. 

We will have to wait and see what happens in the next two days as Epic preps the update and new weekly challenges. 

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