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All the games that will support NVIDIA's RTX ray tracing technology

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Battlefield V's GeForce RTX trailer blew us away; it is the next step in PC gaming graphics, and it drastically changes the gaming experience. Games that support NVIDIA's real-time ray tracing as a rendering technique will look better, be more immersive, and move the experience closer to the quality we've seen in blockbuster movies.

"Now, we’re ready to deliver a generational leap in image quality in games, with NVIDIA RTX Technology. Powered by film-quality algorithms and new GameWorks SDK modules, RTX will enable developers to ray trace ambient occlusion effects, area shadows and glossy reflections in their games and engines," explains NVIDIA.

"In other words, developers can create realistic, film-quality, physically-accurate scenes with lighting, shadows and reflections that capture the scene around them and account for every variable, immersing you in rich, detailed worlds that feature a level of fidelity you could previously only dream of."

Ray tracing enables developers to capture light, shadows, and other reflections (like explosions) in a near-perfect quality. Together with the new DirectX Raytracing API and Volta-architecture GPUs, gamers can experience a level of visual fidelity that has not been possible before - and at acceptable framerates.

NVIDIA confirmed that the following games will all support ray-tracing:

  1. Assetto Corsa Competizione / Kunos Simulazioni / 12 Sep 2018
  2. Atomic Heart / Mundfish / 2019
  3. Battlefield V / EA DICE / 19 Oct 2018
  4. Control / Remedy / 2019
  5. Enlisted / Darkflow Software / Late 2018
  6. Justice / NetEase / TBA
  7. JX3 Remake / SeaSun Games
  8. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries / Piranha / 2019
  9. Metro Exodus / 4A Games/ 22 Feb 2019
  10. Project DH / Nexon
  11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider / Eidos/ 14 Sep 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a game that will specifically benefit from ray tracing with its dense jungles, weather and water effects, and bustling city life like we see in the video below.

Besides, of course, Battlefield V, there's also Metro Exodus that we're extremely excited to play. The NVIDIA RTX video showcases how well the developer is able to capture the play of sunlight and shadows in two different locations. Both show broken down buildings; one a house, and the other a much bigger building.

The next video is a clip from Remedy's upcoming Control, and this time we move from ruins of Metro Exodus to a futurist setting, and what could be The Director's office building. This video is one of my favourite ray-tracing technology showcases. The contrast of the yellow against the rest of the room is striking. It looks like a work of art. The whole clip has such simple, yet captivating shots, and we get to how NVIDIA's ray tracing tech can change an ordinary scene into something extraordinary.

Atomic Heart shows something completely different - I can only describe it as art in motion. If Salvador Dali lived today, he would've painted something like this. It is simply, extraordinary.

If I could put one game on this list, then it's Cyberpunk 2077. Which upcoming games would you want to support ray tracing technology?

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"a level of fidelity you could previously only dream of"

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