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First look at World War Z game's horde and they are frightening

World War Z

The World War Z video game is looking better and better. It has been peeking its head out every now and then as we learn more and see more about its gameplay. We first got a glimpse of the game back in May this year when the first gameplay trailer was revealed but today we finally get to see the infamous zombie horde from the movie come to life in the game and they are scary as hell. 

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If you have watched the movie you would know that the zombies don't play around. They swarm in thousands with super-human strength and lightning speed as they use each other to climb up tall walls and get to their prey. The video game will stay true to this frightening phenomenon as the gameplay showcase reveals the same mechanics simulated in the game engine. This means that hundreds of zombies will come at you as you try and survive the onslaught. 

The trailer showcases the hordes running at the player in a dynamic swarm. We also get to see diverse zombie mechanics, adaptive swarm techniques and a serious gore system that sees zombie parts fly all over the show when you take them down. 

So far World War Z is turning out to be one serious zombie game. The game will see four players, or yourself and three bots travel to the well-known locations from the movie as you fight against the zombie hordes. We also know the next film is currently in the works which could point to the game including locations from the sequel too. Originally planned for a late 2018 release, it seems the game has been pushed back into 2019 but we seriously don't mind as it looks like it will be worth the wait. Check out the trailer below;

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