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New Battlefield V trailer reveals customization and combat roles

Battlefield V

One of the biggest features in the upcoming Battlefield V is the customisation system. Gamers have been predicting its features and wondering just how deep it goes when it comes to your character and style. EA Games has released a brand-new trailer showcasing the level of depth you can go when it comes to your soldiers, weapons and vehicles. Dubbed as "The Company" it is the hub where you manage everything you do in the game when it comes to customization. 

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The trailer showcases "your Company" which is your collection of soldiers, weapons and vehicles. Playing the game, completing events as well as taking on daily challenges known as duties will unlock new customisation options that you can use across your Company. These customisation options range from skins for your soldiers, weapons and vehicles to actual upgrades for your weapons too. Players will be able to see what duties you completed by noticing specific vanity items on your character and the way you make them look all depends on what you have unlocked and what you want to wear. 

The same goes for weapons as they too can be customised when it comes to attachments and skins. While vehicle customisation will not be available at launch, I am sure the same system will apply for the range of tanks and planes you can take with you into battle. 

DICE's Ryan McArthur explained on the site that The Company is there to let you play Battlefield V the way you want to. 

You’ll have different weapons, vehicles, and Combat Roles to handle many different gameplay situations. This means a lot more flexibility in how you’re want to play the game, which game mode you’re tackling, and even who you’re playing with. The bigger your Company, the more adaptable you are to all the things that Battlefield V throws at you. Instead of handing you everything on a platter, you’ll be the one to decide what types of situations are important to you and make decisions on how to progress. 

Choose weapons based on your style of play and where to progress in the vehicle and weapon Specialisation trees. You’ll have to ask yourself questions like “do I want improved rifle accuracy?” or maybe “do I want a more durable tank?” Even maps can impact the choices you want to make. If you’re fighting in Narvik, Norway, will you use snow camo for coverage, or green gear just because well, maybe you like green?

Archetypes are now known as Combat Roles in Battlefield V and you can unlock them as you progress in the game too. These are sub-classes that are specialised in specific roles like Recon, Support, Assault and Medic. Each role is tailored to specific skills such as placing down mounted guns, dealing high damage to tanks or scouting the area with a sniper. 

Battlefield V launches on 19 October on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Be sure to check out the PC enhancements on the new NVIDIA RTX cards here.

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