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Last chance to grab Battlefield expansions for free and news about the next Battlefield V reveal


EA DICE decided to extend their offer to download the last three Battlefield expansions and keep them forever on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One - even if you don't own the base games. You just download the expansions and keep them in your library until you've purchased Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4.

Before we talk further about the free offer, we have news about the next big Battlefield V reveal. EA will reveal a new map today - Devastation of Rotterdam. It is the official Battlefield V Gamescom trailer, here are the reveal times; 6 am Los Angeles / 9 am New York / 2 pm London / 3 pm South African time.

Grab 3 Battlefield expansions for free

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse - Play across four maps with a slew of new weapons, aircraft, and gadgets. Two new bombers, and six new weapons released with the map. Download Apocalypse for PS4 here / Xbox One here / PC here.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike - Play across four maps, including Nansha Strike, one of the largest maps in Battlefield history. Five new weapons released with the expansion as well as the hovercraft. Download Naval Strike for PS4 (4.38GB) here / Xbox One (4.11GB) here / PC here.

Battlefield 4: China Rising - Play across four maps located in the China mainland. Five new weapons are added as well as the Dirt Bike. Download China Rising for PS4 here / Xbox One here / PC here.

You can grab all three expansions for free until August 21.

The Battlefield V closed alpha ends today, below is a video from JackFrags where he highlights the most important changes. Matchmaking and squad joining are now "as it should be", there have been some notable weapon balance tweaks; he gives a detailed breakdown of each of these.

According to JackFrags, the Time To Kill mechanic is still an issue; at the moment it is longer than what it should be. The revive delay is also a problem, but as he points out, the alpha build is probably already an old version of the game as DICE specifically said that the Gamescom multiplayer trailer is far ahead of the current alpha.

One of the things he highlights is that "tanks are currently just sitting ducks" and that DICE still needs to do a lot of work to balance this. Another issue is the bleed out feature for downed players; it takes way too long causing most to skip waiting for a Medic. The visual effects that have been an issue from the first alpha are also still not where it should be; causing visibility issues, especially in snow maps.

Battlefield V releases worldwide on October 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out your South African price list as well as all the pre-order details. If you want to get into the action before the street date, then you should take a look mat what Origin Access Premier is offering.

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