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Boet Fighter is the South African fighting game you need my charna

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We're still mourning the loss of Robot Wizard's Jengo not reaching its crowdfunding goal, and along comes Boet Fighter to knock some excitement right back into our despairing hearts.

The one thing that set Jengo apart from the thousands of games out there was its gorgeous art; it looked like an incredibly talented artist (and one high on sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll) wandered into a video game and decided to paint a story of the world around him. It reminded me of the sexy 60's album covers, and I am so happy that the artist, Louis du Pisani, is again involved with a video game to charm us with his magic.

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There are a few more reasons why you should be excited about Boet Fighter, and yes, we are going out on a limb here because we've not yet played the game, and so far we've seen only a small teaser.

But we are hooked, we are riding this hype train, and you should totally join us. Boet Fighter is another locally developed video game, and local is lekker, especially when it comes mixed with old school gaming, good vibes, and a big dose of humour. Here's the official description:

"BOET FIGHTER is a mega-schweet faaghting video game where Hard Eddy and his taaghtest charnas must moer all of Fourways in the face, as they faaght to reclaim his stolen binnet! It's got creatine, vaalence and house beats, boet... and it's coming soon!"

So far, the team behind Boet Fighter is Louis Du Pisani, Niekie Van Niekerk, and Hard Eddy. We caught up with the talented Mr. du Pisani for a few quick questions.

Is Robot Wizard also involved with Boet Fighter?

"I reckon so, I'm a part of Robot Wizard and I bring some of the visual stylings developed within RW to the Boet Fighter table. Hopefully, we can get Graeme to do some PR for us in the near future, another field he's more than proficient in. Gord brings Hard Eddy and his magical wit and voice-over talents, and Nick and Steve from New Reality bring all the clever coding and infrastructure things. I think it's fair to say that Jengo brought all of us into the same room."

What made you decide to do another video game?

"I think it was a bunch of 'what if' questions. I did a quick SWOT analysis near the end of Jengo's FIG campaign, and it resulted in the basic concept for Boet Fighter. So in some ways, the two games are very similar, especially in regards to the visual slant and the focus on humour. In other ways, it's the complete opposite of Jengo."

Why this genre for Boet Fighter?

"Someone wrote an article about how a game like Duke Nukem 3D can't exist in today's climate. So the immediate observation was 'unless it was in Fourways.' I always remarked how messed up the plot for Double Dragon was, but how it fits Fourways perfectly.

I went and watched a few of Gord Laws' Hard Eddy episodes and called him immediately to pitch the project. If you're still laughing about it the next day, then do it! Nick and his team were helping out on some of the Jengo things, so it seemed like a natural fit."

We already have our next Boet Fighter interviewed scheduled, so keep an eye on GameZone in the coming weeks. For now, please support Boet Fighter by giving their Facebook page a Like, and spread the news!

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"If you're still laughing about it the next day, then do it!"

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