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The massive rift in Fortnite is shrinking and an object-destroying heavy sniper to arrive soon

Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 is all about time travel and a strange rift that opened when a rocket launched and cracked the very fabric of time itself. As the season is about to end, you can expect the rift to start closing. Apparently, if you compare the rift size to three weeks ago it was much bigger and every day small pieces of it started to vanish. 

Leaker @FNBRLeaks, says that the rift will be completely gone by 21 August 2018. The user posted an image on Twitter showing what the sky would look like on the 18th of August, 3 days before it is meant to close up completely. This closure of this rift could mean two things. Epic Games is prepping Season 6 of Fortnite or they are planning on cleaning things up before running the game as normal until Season 6 arrives in the weeks ahead. 

Each season of the game lasts around seven weeks and we are currently in week 5 of this season, so 21 August seems like an ideal date to seal this hole up and end things. If a new season will kick off right away is still not clear but anything could happen. 

Heavy Sniper

In other news, Fortnite will be getting a brand-new Heavy Sniper that is capable of dealing damage to structures and completely wrecking walls and objects in one shot. It also will be able to one-shot anyone. It does have its downfalls though as its slow reload speed and low magazine gives it game balance so if you find this you simply cannot just go around killing everyone like a god. You can see this sniper in action here.

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