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The International 2018: All the tournament predictions

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The International 2018 kicks off this Wednesday and as a Dota 2 fan and a lover of esports in general, it is the most exciting times of the year. Over the weekend, the tournament prize pool surpassed the $24 million mark and is now roughly $600,000 away from making esports history and on 25 August, one team will lift the Aegis of Champions and the lion’s share of the massive prize pool.

As part of our The International 2018 coverage plan, I’ve put in several hours of research looking at analyst and caster predictions, stats from previous The Internationals, stats and trends from the Pro Circuit as well as taking the last balance update into account.

All this cumulates in my predictions for the tournament, but keep in mind that even professional casters don’t even get everything right, in fact, with 40 total predictions last year, many struggled to get 25% of them correct. With that being said, you can check out my predictions from the Team, Tournament, Player and Hero sections below.

I picked PSG.LGD as my favourite, as we all know the great cycle will continue as it is a Chinese team’s turn to lift the Aegis. In all honesty, I hope OG wins this year as I have always bled green, but with recent stats and team changes, this doesn’t seem likely at all.

Battle Pass owners have until 15 August at 18:00 South African time to get those predictions in and hopefully, when the dust settles over the tournament on 25 August, they will get some more Battle Points.  

Team Predictions  

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Tournament Predictions  

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Player Predictions  

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Hero Predictions      

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So, there you have it, my predictions for The International 2018. Keep in mind that anything can happen during the tournament and any team can claim the Aegis of Champions, any player can have their breakout year and nothing is set in stone. Even so, I feel confident that at least some of these predictions will be spot on, looking at past tournament records, Pro Circuit performances from teams and players as well as gut feelings.

What do you think about the predictions? Let us know in the comment section below and share your predictions with us.

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