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Plagiarism is not a pretty thing to have to deal with and I am lucky that in all my years of doing this I have never had to deal with it (mainly because I actually create my own original work)., the world biggest gaming site is under fire at the moment for their review of Dead Cells which apparently has been copied off Boomstick Gaming's YouTube review. 

This morning I woke up with IGN's Dead Cells Review Facebook post right at the top of my feed with a giant 9.7 on the image. I read through it for interest sake as my Dead Cell review is drafted and ready to go live later today and it is always interesting to see what other journos have to say about a game.

I then went onto N4G where spotted the news about the review I just read being reportedly fake. According to a blog post on N4G, IGN has since removed the review after Boomstick Gaming posted a video complaining about the almost word-for-word copy and paste of his review.

The video showcases IGN using the same sentences he did in his review with a few changes here and there but there are sentences that use the exact phrasing. The more I watched the video the more I started to believe that IGN's review could have indeed spawned directly off the facts and phrases of that of Boomstick Gaming. 

This, however, could either be a crazy coincidence or plagiarism but the fact that Boomstick Gaming uploaded the review last week and IGN only did their's in the past 24 to coincide with the game's written embargo does raise a few questions. 

Check out the video below and you can make your own judgement.

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