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Steam's Flash Sales are reportedly making a comeback


A few years ago, Valve made some important changes to the way Steam Sale’s go down and one of the “features” that got the axe was the Flash Sales. These Flash Sales were loved by some but hated by most as it meant you didn’t really know if you should pick up a game on sale or wait and hope for a Flash Sale on that same title at an even larger discount.

It was a confusing aspect of a major Steam sale and quite frustrating if you ask me. The best advice I would always give my friends and colleagues was to wait until the last day of the sale and pick up the games you wanted then, keeping an eye on Flash Sales each day to not miss anything at a bigger discount.

It now looks like Flash Sales might be making a comeback with some changes thrown into the mix. This news comes from Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker, who revealed in a tweet that:

I've just been informed that Steam Flash Sales are returning, with a twist. Devs can choose for the sales to last 6, 8, 10 or 12 hours, shaking up sales almost every hour, and making sales feel more like an event again.” - Source

This change would mean that the Steam Storefront page might have to be updated every hour in order to show the new Flash Sales and gamers will have to stay glued to Steam to catch all the best possible deals.

Flash Sales also caused a lot more admin for Valve, as gamers requested refunds for a game they purchased at a regular discount so they could purchase that same game during a Flash Sale. It was even one of the default reasons you could choose when doing a refund request on Steam and in most cases, this request wasn’t met with any resistance to Valve.

If Flash Sales do come back, hopefully, Valve will make some additional changes to make it a more user-friendly experience. We will just have to wait and see how things go down when the next big Steam sale starts, which should be in roughly three months in the form of the Halloween Sale.

What are your thoughts about Steam’s Flash Sales during major sales and do you want to see them making a comeback? Let us know in the comment section below.

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