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Epic puts gamers at risk to avoid Google's 30% cut on Android version of Fortnite

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Late last week we reported on the news that Fortnite could be heading to Android soon and in fact be a Samsung Galaxy note 9 timed exclusive release. We also reported that Epic Games could be ditching the Google Play store and releasing the Android version of the game through their site which will require you to unlock your device in a way to download and install the game. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 news is still just a rumour, Epic Games confirmed now that the Android version of Fortnite will indeed skip the Google Play store in order for them to make more money on the game. 

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Any published game or software on the Google Play store needs to adhere to Google's terms and conditions and one of these is that Google takes 30% of all sales on your game/app. Of course, Epic Games being one of the richest game companies in the world now due to Fortnite's huge success does not want to give them this cut and had decided to release the game outside of the store to avoid the mandatory sales tax. 

Epic Game fluffs the announcement up a bit saying that it is their way to bring the game "directly to customers" without a middleman but if anything, there is really no middleman for the gamer here just for them and they are being greedy. Sure 30% is a lot but installation of Fortnite on Android will require you to install the game and require you to unlock your device's ability to "install from unknown sources". This means that once this has happened on your device, you could potentially install any Android APK files without your device protecting you from the harm that some may cause. 

When Pokemon GO released we saw people doing the same thing in order to download the game in regions it was not released in. Hackers managed to upload their own "safe versions" of the APK and meanwhile it was ridden with unsafe permissions that gained access to all your private information. 

Clearly, Epic Games does not care about this as they just want the extra 30% to themselves. In a Q&A with Tim Sweeney, he made it clear that the studio would have done the same on iOS but Apple does not allow for any sort of third-party applications to be installed on their devices.

So there you have it. When Fortnite does eventually release on Android you will need to install it from the official site and allow your device to install apps without them being verified by Google all in an attempt for Epic to cash in on the game. 

What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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