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Valve's next game, Artifact, gets a release date and game info


Valve announced their next game, Artifact, last year during The International's main event, and fans were furious because they wanted the next Half-Life or Portal, not a new collectable card game.

Be that as it may, yesterday Valve announced that Artifact will release via Steam on November 28, and on iOS and Android later next year.

Artifact is based on the world of Dota, and includes three separate playing boards called lanes, each with a tower guarding it at the end. The game will ship with a total of 280 cards, and players will be able to buy and sell more cards via Steam's Market Place or by buying it directly from Valve. There are a total of 44 Heroes in the game.

In Artifact you win when you have either destroyed two of the three Towers (each has 40 health points) or if you've beaten the Ancient (80 health points) that appears after a Tower has fallen. Each of the three decks/lanes holds 40 cards, with five heroes. Cards are divided into colour groups; black, green, blue, and red, each with its unique attributes. Each lane has a mana pool which is used to power Heroes, and it is replenished after each round. After you've played a card, the round moves to your opponent, after both played cards, combat takes place. You are only allowed to play a card when a Hero of the corresponding colour is in the lane with the mana you're going to use.

Artifact Card.jpg

In combat, Heroes and Creeps attack that which is directly opposite them in a lane, if there are none, then the attack moves to the Tower. A round ends when all three lanes have completed the Attack Phase. If a Hero is defeated during a round it goes through a cool-down period of one round. The game then moves to the Shopping Phase where you use the in-game currency called Gold to purchase weapon, armour or accessory upgrades for your Heroes. You gather gold by defeating enemy cards.

Valve stated previously that Artifact will not be free-to-play, and that they will steer away from including any pay-to-win features in the game. Gabe Newell also boldly stated that he wants Artifact to be for collectable card games what Half-Life was to single-player games. That's a very tough sell.

You can purchase Artifact for $19.99 when it releases in November.

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