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We open over 30 Immortal Treasure III's from the Dota 2 Battle Pass

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Yesterday, Valve finally unleashed the long-awaited Immortal Treasure III for Dota 2 Battle Pass owners to open. Since the release of the treasure, The International 2018’s prize pool jumped with roughly $500,000 and is now extremely close to breaking the $23 million mark.

The rise in the prize pool is not surprising at all since the contents of the Immortal Treasure III is awesome, and in my opinion, the best treasure released this year. That’s why I was so excited to open 33 Immortal Treasure III’s (at the time of opening I was level 932) and hopefully get some awesome items, level up to over 1000 for that Collector’s Aegis of Champions.

That’s all in the hope that I had the favour of RGN and, of course, Gabe “GabeN” Newell. With that in mind, check out the video below where I open over 30 Immortal Treasure III’s in an ulcer-inducing 8-minute session.

As you can see, luck was not on my side at all during the initial opening. With a Battle Pass of level 932 and 33 treasures in total, I expected something more, at least a few more Battle Pass 50 Level bundles or another rare. Sure, the base Immortal cosmetic items look great, but after opening seven treasures you will have them all in your inventory anyway.

Opening the treasures felt extremely exciting but, in the end, I was left disappointed due to only getting two rare items. After the opening, I recycled a tonne of items and levelled up a bit more, increasing my Battle Pass level to over 1000. With that, the Collector’s Aegis of Champions will be mine, but it also meant I have a measly three extra Immortal Treasure III’s to open.

Just as I thought all hope was lost, I got this little beauty.

WD Immortal.jpg

The ultra-rare bundle for the Witch Doctor is, in my opinion, the best-looking Witch Doctor items yet and finding this treasure came as a shock if I’m being honest. It wasn’t even at that point where you had high escalating odds with many treasures already greyed out, it just happened.

What did you get from the Immortal Treasure III and how many did you open? Let us know in the comment section below.

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