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The things that cause gamers to rage quit


Let’s get one thing straight right from the start: Rage quitting out of a game, especially when it is in a multiplayer match, isn’t good gamer behaviour and it is something that can make the experience for those around you worse. However, there are times that pressing that Alt+F4 buttons together feels like the only thing left to do, and other times where you just want to throw your gaming peripheral at your screen and call it a day.

With all this in mind, let’s discuss some of the things that can cause gamers to rage quit. I’ve got five prime examples here and we would like to hear your stories and opinion about all of this as well, so let’s get started.

Not "Gud" Enough

Controller destroying, unrelenting, rage-inducing and brutal. These are just some of the words one can use to describe the Soulsborne games. Dark Souls, Bloodborne and even games like Lords of the Fallen will wreck your face and make you feel like an inferior gamer at times, causing some players to destroy their disks, throw their controllers around and do all sorts of crazy things.

The meme “git gud” is, of course, an intentional misspelling of the words “get good” and is used to taunt mostly new players, especially in the Souls games. The reason so many players rage quit out of a game like this is simple: It is infuriatingly difficult and, in a time, where many games have an easy mode where you can just “experience the story”, the Soulsborne type games go in a completely different direction.

Rage quitting out of these types of games are commonplace and happens even more often when you are invaded and killed by another player just as you finally feel you are starting to get the hang of things. However, this reason for rage quitting isn’t just about Soulsborne games but can happen when any title is just too difficult for a gamer to master.

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The Lag is Real

Technology is improving every week but here in South Africa, we all know how behind we are in terms of internet connectivity (or access to great internet) in certain areas. High latency, timeouts and complete internet downtime is a daily occurrence for some gamers and there is very little they can do about it.

Suffering from constant Lag online is also the catalyst for many gamers just rage quitting out of a multiplayer match because they simply can’t handle it anymore and they feel useless, not helping their team in the slightest as they can hardly move about when the Lag is bad.

This is the only type of rage quit that has a noble feeling to it, as you spare yourself and your team the heartache of a slow loss most of the time. Sure, it's not ideal and I do suggest gamers always check their connection and reset their router before entering a multiplayer match, but in the end, unexpected and unavoidable Lag is something to rage quit about.

On the PC hardware side, I’ve seen many players stop playing a game and rage-uninstall it even due to their PC not being up to the task and while some can handle lower FPS, others have the mindset of “60 FPS or nothing” and get extremely angry if their high-end PC from five years ago can’t handle the latest games without so much as one FPS drop.

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Team Effort

If I had one Rand for every time I saw someone blame their team over and over again, with or without good reason, I would probably be able to buy more than one supercar. In every team-based multiplayer game ever created, gamers tend to put the blame on others in their team instead of looking at themselves.

Admittedly, this has happened to me multiple times as well, where I blame my team and on the rare occasion, rage quit out of a match. Things get nasty quite quickly and when arguments in a team break out, especially during public matches with random players, you will often see someone say one last line, getting the last word if you will, then subsequently rage quitting and leaving their team one man down.

Rage quitting from a multiplayer match isn’t anything new, but the action almost always makes the game nearly impossible to win for the remaining players, no matter the game in question. Many games have implemented reporting features and punish players for quitting before a match has done but let’s face it, when you rage quit, you probably aren’t thinking about the consequences.


Mr Robot Spotted

Nothing makes someone rage quit from a multiplayer match like cheaters on the other side, or should I rather say suspecting that someone is cheating. The words “cheater” and “hacker” have been thrown around since the dawn of online gaming and it is more prevalent than ever right now.

Many gamers tend to celebrate when cheaters or “hackers” get what’s coming to them in the form of a ban, with the most recent example of Valve banning over 120,000 Steam accounts. Even so, players might think someone is cheating when they are actually not and they are, in fact, just much better than the ones calling them hackers.

I’ve seen hundreds of rage quitting incidents take place across CS: GO, Battlefield and even Dota 2, all while there was no clear cheating going on. It’s like an excuse some gamers use to rage quit at a moment’s notice and while I am obviously against cheating or hacking, we all have to take a step back and realize that sometimes other players are just better and we should finish our matches with grace and honour.

Mr RObot spotted.jpg

A Cycle of Rage

The final point I want to talk about is the culmination of everything discussed in this article so far and actually quite a serious issue that has been going on for many years in the gaming world. When someone quits and spoils a great match for everyone else involved, it doesn’t just end there.

The more and more you see players quitting and the more you lose matches because a teammate decided to throw their toys around and leave, resulting in a loss for their team, the more desensitized you become. Later, players who might have never quit a game before now do it as easily as drinking a glass of water. Rage quitting becomes a lifestyle and an easy way out, which is really bad if you ask me. Not just for your teammates, but for yourself as well.

You see, one of the best feelings you can get in gaming is making a comeback and winning a match against seemingly insurmountable odds, or in the case of the first point, that awesome feeling when you finally “git gud” and beat a Soulsborne title. Therefore, rage quitting not only robs others of a good experience but might have a negative impact on those who do the quitting as well.  

Have you ever quit out of a game in a fit of rage and which other things can make gamers rage quit? Let us know in the comment section below and share your stories with us.

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"gamers tend to put the blame on others in their team instead of looking at themselves"

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