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Samsung launches 2018 QLED TV range in SA - Everything you need to know


As an owner of a Samsung QLED, I was pretty excited to see what the company had in store for its 2018 range. As we know, hardware changes and every year new things come out and while the 2018 QLED range has new features, a lot of it is still the same which makes it great for newcomers and current owners. Samsung's new 2-18 QLED range comes in a wide series of models starting with the 55-inch and going all the way up to the 82-inch model. The 65-inch models will also include curved displays and flat screen models too so there is enough variety to choose from. 


The QLED 2018 range improves a load of features from the 2017 range while expanding on new sets of features too. One of these is the new Ambient Mode that turns the TV into a canvas on your wall. It detects its surroundings and background and sets an image on the display that creates a sort of chameleon effect that turns the TV into an art piece. It also has no burn-in at all so these static images will not damage the display. 


In terms of the backlight, the QLED 2018 range now makes use of full array dimming which is an improvement over the bottom LED strip which the 2017 models used. This means blacks are deeper and whites are brighter. It also keeps the great 100% colour spectrum seen in last year's models. This is also backed by a software algorithm that runs while the TV is being operated. The software runs an anti-blooming calculation which identifies areas and dims the screen around the image to reduce white glow and halo effects around images. 


When it comes to the OneConnect cable, Samsung has now moved the power line into the same cable. This means there will literally be one cable going into your TV now as the power and all the signal from the OneConnect box, the box that acts as the brain for the TV, all goes through a single line. Samsung says the cable has also been made sturdier with over 60,000 bend tests done to make sure it is stronger than last year's model. 

What about gaming?

Samsung did a great job with the 2017 range making gaming a priority. The Steam Link app, the low lag-input, and of course the HDR 4K imagery it produces delivers a fantastic gaming experience. The 2018 range has improved on that too. The QLED now detects what console you plug into the display and automatically adjusts all the settings to best suit your viewing experience. This also means it automatically gets put into game mode with the best local dimming settings, brightness and HDR10 configurations to make your games look the best. Of course, you can change these yourself but Samsung says the settings have been finely tuned by TV engineers to look the best for your gaming experience.

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Samsung is further combating the input lag in games too with a reduced stat on the QLED 2018 range while gaming. Last year's QLED range had a 19ms input lag while gaming with 4K HDR. This years model is now 15ms. This means you can game on your Xbox One X or PS4 Pro with 4K HDR without having to worry about any lag. The 15ms can be reduced even more depending on your settings. 

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung QLED 2018 range starts at R20,999 for a 55-inch model and goes up to R100,000 for the 82-inch model. There are various price points in-between ranging from R29,999 for the 55-inch curved model, R39,999 for the 65-inch flat model, R49,999 for the 65-inch curved model and so on. Samsung says you will be able to find the displays in store from August. 

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