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Grab the next three Battlefield expansions for free and keep them forever

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Last month, the third set of free Battlefield expansions released as part of EA's road to Battlefield V promotion, and yesterday the next batch of freebies became available. This time, you can download three expansions and keep them forever on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One - even if you don't own the base games. You just download the expansions and keep them in your library until you've purchased Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4; both are available at discounted prices.

Please take note that the free offers expire in eight days, on August 7. All three expansions are already available on the PlayStation and Xbox Stores, but the PC version will only open later today. At the time of writing, you are redirected to the new Origin Access Premier page which launched today.

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse

Apocalypse is the fourth and final expansion for Battlefield 1. It brings five maps to the battlefield. Caporetto takes place on the mountain slopes near the Isonzo River and sees a clash between the Italian Army and the Austro-Hungarians forces. Passchendaele takes place in the destroyed village of Passchendaele and the surrounding area. Shellfire devastated the whole area, and soldiers need to traverse its hellish landscape. River Somme takes place in the beautiful wheat fields of Somme. It represents the worst in the history of the British army, with 57,470 British casualties. The last two maps, London Calling and Razor's Edge were designed exclusively for aerial combat.

Two new bombers are added, the Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10, new gadgets like the AA Rocket Gun for the Assault Class, and six new weapons; the RSC SMG, Howell Automatic, lMG 08/18, Ross MkIII,  M1917 Enfield, and Revolver Mk VI.

Download Apocalypse for PS4 here / Xbox One here / PC here.

Battlefield 4: China Rising

China Rising was the first expansion for Battlefield 4 and takes players through battles on four maps located on the Chinese mainland. Although Altai Range is vehicle-focused, it is also a classic Battlefield map that allows for all classes and playstyles. It pits the United States Marine Corps against the People's Liberation Army. Dragon Pass is set in rural China and takes place on farmland. Guilin Peaks is best known for the two large karst formations that stand in the centre of the map. There are open areas as well as cave sections, so the map favours close-quarter battles as well as long-range encounters. Silk Road takes the battle to the Gobi Desert in northern China.

China Rising's weapons are; the L85A2, L96A1, MP7, MTAR-21, and RPK-74M. Players also get to ride the Dirt Bike and command the Bomber.

Download China Rising for PS4 here / Xbox One here / PC here.

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike

Naval Strike was the third expansion for Battlefield 4 and is predominantly naval-focused combat centred around four island maps in the South China Sea. Watercraft is available in abundance while very few land vehicles spawn during the duration of the battle. Lost Islands is one of the smaller maps in this expansions, and although it is centred around naval-based combat, there is a lot of opportunities for infantry and aerial-based engagements. Nansha Strike features one of the largest ocean stretches in any Battlefield map to date. Wave Breaker has a unique submarine base and an interactive submarine which can be dropped onto troops under it. The side that occupies the old fort at the top of the mountain in Operation Mortar will have a strong advantage as they'll have a birds-eye view of the entire map.

The five weapons featured in Naval Strike are; the AR-160, SR-2, AWS, SR338, and SW40. Players can drive the ACV, a hovercraft that acts as a cross between a Quad Bike and a Jet Ski.

Download Naval Strike for PS4 (4.38GB) here / Xbox One (4.11GB) here / PC here.

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