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Everything that went down at EGE 2018 in Cape Town

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This past weekend was EGE 2018 and I was lucky enough to be flown down to Cape Town to attend the event. How did it happen? Well, Acer had a presence at the show with their Predator Helios 300 gaming device on display and we thought it would be cool if I went down to take some pics of people hanging out with the device. EGE 2018 was a great weekend for local gaming and as it was my first event I had no idea what I was in for. 

Without a doubt, the feeling I left with was this sense of community. Standing in the Cape Town International Convention Centre I was worried I would have been the only Joburger there but I bumped into some awesome people and met some new ones too. The ACGL team had a fairly large stage where they invited a load of attendees up to compete in CS: GO and Fortnite competitions. This was their way of expanding esports to the public without you having to be part of a team to be recognized and compete in competitions. 


Of course, the Fortnite stand did well (naturally) and the entire weekend you could sit and watch gamers fight in the battle royale mode as much as they wanted. The CS: GO was the same story where Cougar's resident streamer, Pacman and the awesome MiniaturePanda held some open call matches. I think it was a cool idea to have the public be able to sit in a fancy gaming chair, game on high-end PC equipment and truly feel what it is like to be in a "professional" game for an hour. 

There was the EGE Call of Duty finals which Bravado walked away as winners over Vinco_Gaming and Energy Esports came third in the standings. The FIFA 18 tournament finals saw Vinco_Gaming and Bravado also go head to head against each other and @OfficialBOWiE10 walked away with the grand prize. Congrats to all the players that competed in all the various tournaments over the weekend. Be sure to download the ACGL Android App to stay up to date with all the scores and tournaments. 


In terms of hardware, I spent most of my time hanging around the Computer Mania stand which was the centre of all things PC gaming. A bunch of brands had their equipment set up. Corsair had their overpriced RGB fans lit up the entire show, Asus had some things to show, MSI and of course Acer. Kat (MiniaturePanda) helped set up some 1v1 CS: GO tournaments for the public to jump into and it did very well. It allowed the kids to give the game a go as well as test drive the Predator Helios 300. We even took the Helios 500 out and played some Destiny 2 and people loved the experience. 

Computer Mania in partnership with Acer, IGN Africa, Good Hope FM, ACGL and EGE then gave an Acer Predator Helios 300 away after the show, which is an awesome prize valued at R20,000. Congrats to Abdulah Johaardien for winning the awesome prize. I made some good friends at the Computer Mania stand and I have some cool stuff planned to work with the retailer in the weeks ahead so stay tuned for that too. 


Of course, it is not a gaming expo unless you eat some junk food, buy some expensive POPs and see some cosplayers and EGE 2018 had it all. While it is much smaller in comparison to rAge, it is still great to see the hordes of gamers come out to support the show and compete in some cool competitions. There was no doubt this feeling of community as all the brands worked together, the gamers played together and even the media and YouTubers spent some quality time with each other. 


We would like to say thanks to Acer Africa for sending us down to cover the weekend and see what EGE is all about. 

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